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Alumni Association Awards

The University of Virginia Alumni Association administers more than 250 different scholarships ranging from modest stipends to full tuition, room and board. Many of these scholarships are available through an application process independent of the University’s financial aid process. In 2022–23, these scholarships provided more than $2.8 million in aid to more than 450 students across Grounds.

Important Tips & Guidelines

  • Applications must be received by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on the date they are due and must be submitted through AwardSpring.*
  • Students who already have an account on AwardSpring do not need to create a new account.
  • You must be enrolled full-time at UVA during the semester(s) in which the scholarship is paid. Money will not be retroactively applied to previous semesters.
  • All scholarships will be divided over two semesters unless indicated. Anyone planning to graduate after one semester may only receive one semester of the award.

Questions about AwardSpring? Check out our FAQs here.

* The following scholarships are not handled through AwardSpring:  the Post-Graduate Trustees Class Unity Scholarship, the Rehan Baddeliyanage Memorial Scholarship, the Sky Alland Scholarship, and the William W. W. Knight and Beverley Randolph Knight Scholarship.

Scholarship Amount Due
Boxe Scholarship $10,000 Spring
Burhan Chaudhry Scholarship $1,000 Spring
Candice M. Ruff Memorial Scholarship $8,500 Spring
Carolyn and John R. Williams Street Scholarship $5,000 Spring
Christopher L. Kness Memorial Scholarship $1,750 Spring
Dana H. Rowe Scholarship $9,000 Spring
Dietz Family Scholarship $4,500 Spring
Erika J. Preve Memorial Scholarship $5,000 Spring
Glenn D. Kirwin Scholarship $30,000 Spring
Greer Family Scholarship $16,000 Spring
Jade Song Memorial Scholarship $3,000 Spring
Jerry V. Glover Memorial Scholarship $10,000 Spring
Kelly O’Hara Memorial Fund $30,000 Spring
Kenneth L. and Lorraine M. Harkavy Scholarship $10,000 Spring
Legacy Scholarship $5,000 Spring
Leslie Baltz Art Study Fund $1,500 Spring
Melissa Holland Memorial Scholarship Varies Spring
Patrick Sean Murphy 9/11 Memorial Scholarship $13,000 Spring
Peter Casey Gillcrist Memorial Scholarship $10,000 Spring
Peter J. Sposato Scholarship $3,500 Spring
Post-Graduate Trustees Class Unity Scholarship $1,000 Spring
Quentin Alcorn Memorial Scholarship $10,000 Spring
R.H. Melton First Amendment Scholarship $4,000 Spring
Ravenell “Ricky” Keller III Study Abroad Scholarship Up to $5,000 Spring
Rehan Baddeliyanage Memorial Scholarship $5,000 Spring
Robert Adams Bradford Scholarship $10,000 Spring
Rush Family Scholarship $10,000 Spring
Sean N. Bryant Memorial Scholarship $4,500 Spring
Sherri King Memorial Scholarship In-state tuition and fees Spring
Sigma Pi Scholarship $2,500 Spring
Sky Alland Scholarship Full tuition and fees, plus stipend 1/19/2024
Sydney Elizabeth Owens Memorial Award $10,000 Spring
T. Rodney Crowley, Jr. Scholarship In-state tuition Spring
TASC (The Alumni-Student Cooperative) $2,500 Spring
The David and Jane Walentas Zeta Psi Scholarship $3,500 Spring
The Rev. Paul C. Deckenbach Memorial Award $8,000 Spring
The William W. W. Knight and Beverley Randolph Knight Scholarship $4,000 Spring
Wilton-Montgomery Family Scholarship $5,000 Spring
D. Shannon Hollen Scholarship $10,000 Summer
H. Kruger Kaprielian Scholarship Varies Summer
Hoos Honoring Veterans Up to $5,000 Summer
Koff Family Scholarship $10,000 Summer
Stephen V. Pearce Memorial Scholarship $5,000 Summer
The Richard H. Aulebach Scholarship $15,000 Summer
UVA Club of Washington, DC Scholarship Fund $1,500 Summer
UVA Club of Charlottesville Scholarship $500 Summer
UVA Club of Los Angeles Scholarship $4,000 Summer
Warwick High School Class of 1952 Scholarship $2,300 Summer
Ann O’Brien Leone Scholarship $1,500 11/1/2023
Dr. Everett W. Butler OD Memorial Scholarship $5,000 11/1/2023
Elizabeth Rose Coggins Scholarship $11,000 11/1/2023
Gift of the Maji Bursary $1,998 Fall
Gray-Carrington Memorial Scholarship Tuition, fees, and rent Fall
Shawn Michael Bryant Memorial Scholarship $3,500 11/1/2023

Apply via AwardSpring

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