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Affinity Organizations

The Alumni Services department of the UVA Alumni Association offers support to alumni and students who share affinities as part of their UVA experience. These affinity groups include fraternities, sororities, secret and honorary societies, sports teams, and a wide variety of student clubs and organizations. If you are member of an affinity population and would like to learn more about creating a scholarship fund for current students from within that population, please contact us at for more information.

Bolívar Network

The Bolívar Network promotes the enrollment and success of Hispanic and Latinx students, as well as students of Latin American descent at UVA, advocates on behalf of Latinx/Hispanic issues, participates in community service, offers scholarships to worthy students, and supports networking for its students and alumni.

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The Asian and Asian Pacific American Alumni Network builds and supports connections within the APA community and within the larger University of Virginia community. To this extent AAPAAN offers three awards each year to undergraduate students from the APA community.

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Queer Alumni Network

The Queer Alumni Network of the University of Virginia is an inclusive alumni organization dedicated to advocating for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) UVA alumni, faculty, and students by connecting them to each other and to the University. The Queer Alumni Network offers a number of awards each year in support of the LGBTQ community at UVA.

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