Alumni Interest Groups

Alumni Interest Groups (listed below) are micro-communities of alumni that share a commonality and have built a tie or bond to each other as part of the University experience. The Alumni Interest Group (AIG) program offers UVA alumni, family and friends opportunities to engage in the life of the University in several regions across the country. These groups are volunteer organizations dedicated to celebrating connections, providing enrichment and continuing the UVA’s tradition of service.

Fraternity, Sorority & Athletics

The UVA Alumni Association assists fraternity, sorority, and athletics alumni organizations in maintaining alumni communications. Contracted organizations pay an annual fee to receive communications and fundraising services including but not limited to: newsletters, web sites, HTML e-mails, event postcards and annual giving publications (More Information).

AIG Fraternities & Sororities
Athletic & Specialty Groups

Alumni Interest Groups (AIGs)

    AAPAAN LogoThe Asian and Asian Pacific American Alumni Network Provides Asian alumni with a network that builds and supports connections with the UVA community.
  • The Bolívar Network
    Bolivar NetworkPromotes the enrollment and success of Hispanic and Latino students, as well as students of Latin American descent at UVA, advocates on behalf of Latino/Hispanic issues, participates in community service, offers scholarships to worthy students, and supports networking for its students and alumni.
  • The Cavalier Daily Alumni Association
    Cavalier Daily Alumni AssociationFosters the Cavalier Daily’s continued well-being by providing assistance to its student editors and encouraging the highest standards of journalistic integrity among its staff.
  • The Eli Banana Fund
    Eli BananaGives back to the great University that has put up with us since 1878; celebrating the history and fostering the continued vibrancy of Eli Banana among alumni and student members; and reaffirming to the University community at large that Eli Bananas are among the most active and supportive members of the University of Virginia family.
  • The Jefferson Literary and Debating Society Alumni Interest Group
    Jefferson SocietyIs intended to serve as a bridge between the current membership of the Society and its alumni members. This group will foster heightened communication between current and alumni members of the Society, focusing on the current activities of the respective members.
  • Madison House
    Madison HouseMobilizes Madison House alumni to support and strengthen the tradition of service at Madison House and in their own communities
  • Raven Society Alumni
    RavensEndeavors to bring together outstanding students, faculty, administrators, and alumni of the various schools of the University to sustain the honor and dignity of the University by advancing its welfare and interests, encouraging diligent scholarship and stimulating intellectual activity beyond the classroom.
  • Ridley Scholarship
    RidleyContributes to a superior learning environment by: 1) providing scholarships to African American students of the highest academic caliber 2) representing issues of importance to African American students and Alumni and 3) creating a lasting, positive contribution to the University.
  • Serpentine Society
    Serpentine SocietyReaches out to and advocates for all gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer UVA alumni and students by connecting alumni with each other and to the University while also implementing programs and initiatives to promote diversity and equity for the UVA LGBTQ community.
  • University Guides
    UGuidesProvides a University Guide Service alumni network that will build and support a connection between the organization’s current members and alumni.
  • The Virginia Glee Club Association
    Glee Club AlumniProvides support to help enable the Virginia Glee Club, founded in 1871, to thrive as a student-run self-governing organization at the University of Virginia, and to pursue its equal goals of musical excellence and student fellowship.
  • The Virginia Women’s Chorus Alumnae and Friends
    Virginia Women's ChorusWorks to support the Virginia Women’s Chorus in its continued pursuit of musical excellence; attain greater prominence in the UVA and Charlottesville community; promote networking among and communications with alumnae and friends between the Virginia Women’s Chorus and foster lasting bonds of sisterhood between members past and present
  • WUVA, Inc.
    WUVATrains University of Virginia students in the art and science of commercial broadcasting. The Group will organize a network of WUVA alumni to facilitate communication among the alumni and with WUVA’s student managers and staff. Alumni will be available to mentor students both in their activities at WUVA and for purposes of career planning in media and other fields. The Group will also raise funds for WUVA directly and, indirectly, for academic departments at the University with which WUVA has formal relationships.