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Young Alumni Council

What is YAC?

UVA Alumni: Young Alumni Council logoAt the urging of two energetic young alumni, the Young Alumni Council of the University of Virginia Alumni Association (YAC) was established in 1995. YAC’s mission is to better engage and advocate for UVA’s most recent graduates. YAC receives its funding and its charter from the University of Virginia Alumni Association.

Why was YAC formed?

YAC was formed to work with the UVA Alumni Association to address the engagement needs of the young alumni population.

Who does YAC represent?

YAC represents undergraduate alumni who graduated from the University within the last twelve years.

What does YAC do?

YAC works in partnership with the UVA Alumni Association to serve the young alumni community by:

  • Promoting the social, professional, philanthropic, and service interests of recent alumni.
  • Fostering closer interaction between young alumni and the greater University community.
  • Engendering continued improvement of the University and its educational missions through service and support of specific initiatives.
  • Educating current students and recent alumni about goals, purposes, projects and services of the Alumni Association and increasing involvement with the organization.

YAC serves as an organization designed to communicate ideas and agendas from its constituents to the UVA Alumni Association and the University, and to facilitate the implementation of programs and services to meet the goals outlined above.

What is the structure of YAC?

YAC is comprised of thirty-six members, with at least two Council members representing each of the twelve most recent undergraduate classes. From this group of thirty-six, an executive committee of president, vice president, and secretary is elected each year. Council members serve on committees and project working groups on an ad hoc basis. Council members have the option to serve two consecutive three-year terms. YAC is advised and coordinated by the Alumni Association’s Director of Alumni Programs.