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Vox Alumni

Introducing Vox Alumni

The UVA Alumni Association has launched a bold initiative, Vox Alumni, to collect and share the voice of our 250,000 alumni community, which is at the core of our mission.

A play on the Latin phrase vox populi (“voice of the people”), Vox Alumni is an ongoing effort to gather the voice of UVA alumni to gain a deeper, more nuanced understanding of our evolving community. We will use this feedback to provide alumni, the University, and the Association itself with more textured and actionable insights. We look forward to listening to and learning from you in the months ahead!

Vox Alumni: Meet Gen V

Vox Alumni: Meet Gen V

They attended college amid the tumult of our times, the triumphs and the tragedies, the basketball victory and the virus. Meet the rising generation of Virginia alumni.

Vox Alumni Live: Honor at UVA

Vox Alumni Live: Honor at UVA

Honor Committee chairs past and present joined Virginia Magazine editor Richard Gard (Col ’81) in moderated dialogue with special guest President James E. Ryan (Law ’92) to discuss the UVA Honor System—what’s changed, what hasn’t and what’s ahead. You can read more about the Honor vote at UVA in this article from Virginia Magazine.

Watch Vox Alumni Live: Honor at UVA

Vox Alumni: Longitude and Attitudes

Vox Alumni Special Report

Read about our inaugural Vox Alumni survey in Virginia Magazine, which explores alumni views on a variety of topics including the student experience, the Honor System, Thomas Jefferson and the effects of the pandemic.

Share Your Voice

Share your voice with us anytime via our new Vox Alumni form, available to all UVA alumni.

For more information, please contact us at