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Additional Resources

School Scholarship Opportunities

Each of the undergraduate schools within the University of Virginia offers numerous scholarship opportunities for students. The UVA Alumni Association does not oversee the administration of these awards. Contact each school directly for specific information regarding which scholarships are currently available and the criteria required to apply.

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Additional Scholarship Programs at UVA

Several other scholarship programs available to UVA students are offered by various organizations.  The UVA Alumni Association does not oversee the administration of these awards.  Please contact the awarding organization directly for specific information on availability, eligibility, and criteria.

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Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services provides a variety of information and links to scholarships, grants and work study opportunities for UVA students.

Visit for specific links to these opportunities.

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Online Scholarship Searches

There are many free publications and internet searches available to students. Student Financial Services advises students and parents not to pay for any scholarship searches and to be aware of scholarship scams.

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Average Cost of Attending the University of Virginia

2021–2022 Virginian Non-Virginian
Housing $7,110 $7,110
Dining $5,550 $5,5500
Books & Supplies $1,396 $1,396
Direct Loan Fees $72 $72
Travel $430 $430–$1,903
Total Living Expenses $17,142 $17,142–$18,615
Tuition $14,188 $48,036
Fees $3,230 $3,912
TOTAL $34,560 $69,090–$70,563

Tuition costs vary for each program. Example listed is for the College of Arts & Sciences, UVA’s largest undergraduate school. The personal expenses estimates reflect modest and restrained expense allowances for University of Virginia students. Some students will spend more than the estimated amounts while others will spend less, depending on individual lifestyles and circumstances. Eligibility for financial aid, however, is based on the standard estimated allowance, not on individual preferences and spending habits.

SOURCE: Student Financial Services