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Carolyn and John R. Williams Street Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2023, to honor Carolyn B. Street and her late husband John R. Williams Street. The Street family lived in Franklin VA for several decades before retiring to Richmond in 1980. Carolyn Street is a talented artist with a passion for painting, music, and theatre. In Franklin she received acclaim for drawings and paintings of landscapes, barns, mills and other interesting buildings in the surrounding counties. Since moving to Richmond, she has created many artworks depicting area scenes, while also appearing in plays and enjoying playing piano. Her works include watercolor, acrylic and oil paintings; pen and ink drawings; and printmaking via etchings and engravings. She strives to create accurate portrayals, often conducting extensive research to ensure precise renderings of buildings from the past or under different lighting conditions. John R. Williams Street graduated from UVA in 1935 with a business degree at the young age of 20. He loved and supported UVA throughout his life. Three of the couple’s children and other family members attended the university as well. With this scholarship, the Street family aims to help art students pursue their aspirations and enrich their lives and the world around them through art.

Deadline: March 1, 2024

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