Gift of the Maji Bursary

In 2020, the donors established the “Gift of the Maji Bursary” to support students originating from India who are majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math.

Both members of the Class of ’98, they met at Mr. Jefferson’s University during their 4th year on Grounds. After graduation, their paths went in different directions until they ultimately merged years later. For both, their UVA experience was a defining moment for their futures. The Grounds not only served as a launching pad for graduate school but also as a keystone for their career paths.

This bursary has been established to honor the important role UVA has played in their lives and to bestow gratitude to UVA for a great Wahoo experience.

This scholarship is open to all current second-, third-, and fourth-year undergraduate students with a family origin from India, who are majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math, and have a minimum  3.0 GPA. Applicants must be enrolled full time at the University of Virginia and reside permanently in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The award for 2021 will be $1,998.


2020—Akshima Dhiman

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