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Beyond Academia: 5 Steps to Your Nonacademic Job Search

Graduate students and postdocs receive a wealth of information and mentorship on securing an academic position. But what about when you decide to pursue professional options in industry, nonprofit,...
Feb 23, 2018

Navigating Organizational Politics

Many of us hear the words ‘organizational politics’ and say “I want nothing to do with that!” However, organizational politics are a reality and can impact everyone in an...
Feb 9, 2018

Ditch the Elevator Pitch! Tell Your Story Instead

Want to make a strong first impression in job interviews and at networking events? Forget the elevator pitch and harness the unparalleled power of storytelling instead. In this session...
Jan 26, 2018

Uncommon Entrepreneurship: Crowdfunding $50K in Bat Houses in Just 10 Days

Christopher Rannefors took an unconventional product idea and in just a few months was featured in the Huffington Post, flew to L.A. to appear on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Elevator Pitch TV...
Jan 19, 2018

LIVE Career Q&A with Alumni Career Engagement

Ask us anything! Seeking that next great job, getting ready to ask for that promotion, or finishing your grad school application? Director of Alumni Career Engagement Amanda Panarese (Col...
Nov 17, 2017

How To Use Storytelling to Boost Your Career

Everyone enjoys hearing a good story! As young children, we clamored for just one more story before bedtime. As adults, we surf the web for engaging talks by professional...
Nov 3, 2017

Digital Marketing Career Opportunities

Digital Marketing is a booming industry with plenty of growth yet to come. It is also an enormously diverse industry with opportunities for quants as well as creative folks,...
Oct 20, 2017

Ready to Quit: 3 Steps to Find a Job You Love

Stuck, drained or beyond fed up by your job and ready to quit (but don’t know what you should do next?). No problem! Join Christie Mims (Col ’00), Founder...
Oct 6, 2017

Demystifying Venture Capital

Hollywood has placed a fun spotlight on the venture capital industry, with shows like Shark Tank and Silicon Valley. Recent headlines have also exposed some less admirable sides of...
Sep 22, 2017

Work You Love: 3 Secrets to Every Successful Job Search or Career Change

Changing jobs or careers can be a daunting task, to say the least. You must navigate online jobs boards, work with Applicant Tracking Systems, write a resume that stands...
Sep 15, 2017

How to Leverage Social Media to Build Your Personal Brand

What are the key networks you should consider when developing your personal brand? From Twitter to LinkedIn to Instagram, Social Media Executive Chris Smith (Com ’94) focuses on user...
Aug 25, 2017

Refresh. Reflect. Refocus: Planning a Personal Transformation Retreat

Do you want to experience change in one or more areas of your life? Are you feeling stuck and need strategies to gain and keep momentum to reach your...
Jun 2, 2017

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a far greater predictor of professional success than intellectual intelligence. But it’s a vast subject, and it’s hard to know where to begin if you really...
May 19, 2017

Make a Career Transition to Consulting

We’ve all heard about someone who is a “consultant.” Have you ever wondered if that’s the right career for you? Join Parke Muth (Col ’79), a consultant to consultants,...
May 12, 2017

Solving the Retirement Puzzle

Today’s workers are being asked to do more of their own retirement planning than any generation before them due to the ongoing decline of pensions and the rise of...
Apr 28, 2017

How to Write the Best Job Application of Your Life

Are you worried that your applications are going into a black hole? How do you help your resume and cover letter stand out in a crowded job search market?...
Apr 14, 2017

Level Up: Move from Entry Level to Next Level

Many entry level roles look pretty much alike: wrangling projects to keep them on time and within budget, creating reports/presentations/proposals and scrutinizing every last detail, doing research, and most...
Mar 24, 2017

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Have you ever attended a conference or networking event, or met UVA alumni at social events, and dutifully collected contact information—only to do nothing with it? Regina Clay (Col...
Mar 10, 2017

5 Keys to Making a Successful Career Transition

Let’s face it, career transitions can be tricky. Whether you’re changing sectors, industries, organizations, countries, or functions—or ramping up or ramping down—many of us struggle to navigate the necessary...
Feb 24, 2017

Living with Purpose – Family, Fun & Freedom

In today’s fast-paced society, more people (than ever) are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. In this empowering webinar, Marlon Smith (Engr ’90) shares insights for living...
Feb 10, 2017

Strategic Tweeting: Advancing Your Career in 140 Characters

One of the biggest challenges in any career is making both connections and a good impression, in the right place and at the right time. With a range of...
Jan 27, 2017

Career Trends and Resolutions for the New Year

The new year is the perfect time to refresh your career goals and make new resolutions, whether you’re seeking a new job, a new industry, or new skills. Join...
Jan 13, 2017

Developing Your Digital Professional Portfolio and Your Personal Brand

Learn how to create your own digital professional portfolio and build your brand.

Dec 9, 2016

Jumpstart Your Career: Strategic eLearning for Any Career Phase

Choose the right eLearning program to develop new skills, enhance your resume, or improve your current position.

Dec 2, 2016

Boomer Entrepreneurship Part 3: Starting Your Business

Identify your business style and find the best ways to start your business successfully.

Nov 18, 2016