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Resources for Alumni with PhDs

The resources listed here are third-party organizations that are not affiliated with the UVA Alumni Association.

  • AAAS: Career tools for scientists.
  • Beyond Academia: A student-run organization with the goal of empowering graduate students and post-docs to expand their careers beyond the traditional academic track.
  • Cheeky Scientist: Helps PhDs transition to non-academic careers. Offers blog, podcast and other free resources along with other products.
  • Connected Academics:  A project of the Modern Language Association; helps prepare doctoral students for careers outside of academia.
  • From PhD to Life: Site run by a career coach who specializes in working with PhDs; includes free downloads and lists of resources.
  • Imagine PhD: A career exploration and planning tool for the humanities and social sciences.
  • Jobs on Toast: Blog for researchers exploring careers outside of academia.
  • MyIDP Science Careers: Helps PhDs leverage expertise into a satisfying and productive career.
  • Nature Careers: A career resource for scientists in academia and industry.
  • PhDs at Work: A network for professionals with PhDs working across industries.
  • PhD Career Guide: Provides information about non-academic careers; includes a podcast and access to job postings.
  • Roostervane
  • The Versatile PhD: The oldest, largest online community dedicated to non-academic and non-faculty careers for PhDs in humanities, social science and STEM.