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Level Up: Move from Entry Level to Next Level

Originally Aired
March 24, 2017
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Lisa Noble

Many entry level roles look pretty much alike: wrangling projects to keep them on time and within budget, creating reports/presentations/proposals and scrutinizing every last detail, doing research, and most of all, helping senior staff look awesome in front of their clients. If you’re great at these things, you’re at risk of getting stuck in the project management zone when what you want is the chance to be more strategic and get a seat at the table for interesting conversations and decisions. Lisa Noble (Col ’87) presents great tips for taking control of your career and getting noticed for great opportunities, within your organization and beyond.

About Lisa Noble

After graduating from UVa with a degree in psychology, Lisa Noble (Col ’87) spent the next several years working for Fortune 500 companies (Prudential Financial, Quaker Foods, IBM, Bayer Healthcare) in senior marketing strategy roles and as a head of quantitative insights and business development for leading brand strategy consultancies (Millward Brown, GfK Custom and Added Value) in New York.

After years of leading and training teams of young people, Lisa found that her passion for coaching far exceeded her love of branding, and in 2012, she launched her own career consultancy aimed at college students and recent graduates with liberal arts and performing arts majors. To her surprise, her practice quickly evolved to include career changers as well, from people in their mid-20s looking for a career course correction to people in their mid-50s looking for greater meaning and personal fulfillment from their work.

She joined the Career Center at Colby College in Waterville, Maine this July to combine her passion for helping young people launch great careers with her desire to help companies build their talent pipelines and brand presence with exceptional students. Her ambition is to expand the Center’s capacity to support Colby alumni through their job transitions as well. Spoiled by her childhood in Charlottesville and years as a Hoo, Lisa is thrilled to be back on a beautiful college campus with endless opportunities for great conversation and nearby outdoor recreation. When she’s not exploring the treasures of Maine, she is coordinating visits with her two sons who attend other liberal arts colleges many hours away.

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