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How To Use Storytelling to Boost Your Career

Originally Aired
November 3, 2017
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John McCormick

Everyone enjoys hearing a good story! As young children, we clamored for just one more story before bedtime. As adults, we surf the web for engaging talks by professional storytellers featured on YouTube, TED Talks, NPR, and the Moth Radio Hour.

But did you know that the same ingredients that made up a good story for your children can also enhance your professional and personal life? In this engaging and information-packed session, John McCormick (Col ‘80 and Law ‘83), a children’s book author and contributor to the Huffington Post, will give you practical advice on how to use storytelling to boost your career and enrich your personal and family life. You’ll learn the basics of storytelling and how to apply them in any situation that life presents, whether in your chosen profession or simply while swapping stories around the office water cooler.

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About John McCormick

John McCormick (Col ’80, Law ’83) is an attorney, children’s book author, and parenting blogger. In his book, “Dad, Tell Me A Story – How to Revive the Tradition of Storytelling with Your Children” (Nicasio Press 2013), John tells how the power of storytelling transformed his own relationship with his children and sparked a family tradition. John soon discovered how storytelling could enhance his own career. As a former federal prosecutor, defense attorney, and corruption investigator, John used storytelling to win trials, coax witnesses to provide evidence, and convince banks and regulators to crack down on corrupt officials. At UVA, John studied International Relations and Law, and enjoyed swapping stories with drop-in guests to his room at 17 West Range.

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