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Uncommon Entrepreneurship: Crowdfunding $50K in Bat Houses in Just 10 Days

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January 19, 2018
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Christopher Rannefors

Christopher Rannefors took an unconventional product idea and in just a few months was featured in the Huffington Post, flew to L.A. to appear on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Elevator Pitch TV show, was endorsed by celebrities like Adrian Grenier, and even has an upcoming appearance on CBS’s Emmy award-winning show, Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca. All the while he maintained a successful day job, and even had time to get married!

Have you ever had a product concept you wanted to bring to market but felt like you didn’t have the time, or couldn’t take on the risk? Tune in to hear Christopher’s story and learn specific tips and tricks to successfully crowdfund a product concept, build buzz for your new brand, and bolster your career without sacrificing family life.


About Christopher Rannefors

Christopher Rannefors is a UVA, McIntire School of Commerce alumni based out of Lexington, KY. He’s spent his entire career working at start-ups. He worked several years at Udemy, a leading ed-tech startup based in San Francisco building out their B2B services from scratch, and went on to work at MakeTime, the most venture capital-backed tech start-up in Kentucky state history. In his spare time, he developed BatBnB, a line of designer bat houses that were 344% funded on Indiegogo. Christopher’s work with BatBnB has been featured in HuffPost and has landed him appearances with Entrepreneur Magazine and CBS’s Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca. 

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