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Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Originally Aired
March 10, 2017
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Regina Clay

Have you ever attended a conference or networking event, or met UVA alumni at social events, and dutifully collected contact information—only to do nothing with it? Regina Clay (Col ’86) will help you go from business cards collecting dust to cultivating meaningful and productive networking relationships. Tune in as Regina shares strategies to help you more effectively maximize your networking efforts.

Black Alumni Weekend 2017 logoUVA’s Alumni Career Engagement is proud to present this webinar in partnership with UVA’s Black Alumni Weekend.

About Regina Clay

Regina Clay (Col ’86) is a Speaker, Coach, Author, Business Woman, and Ordained Minister. She is creator of the Single Mom Thrive Time Community, where she helps Single Moms find their place and their time for Something MORE. Regina realized that she had a gift inside of her at an early age but did not ACT on her passion until later in life. She has a saying: “Broken Dreams stay broken until you TAKE ACTION.” Regina has taken action on her dreams and wants to encourage others. She is the CEO of Regina Clay Consulting Group, LLC. Regina Clay Consulting will assist new small business, government agencies, women’s organizations and political campaigns with her extraordinary connections. Regina received her B.A. degree in Communications from the University of Virginia and her Master of Divinity degree from Howard University School of Divinity. She has 2 children and currently resides in Maryland.

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