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Ready to Quit: 3 Steps to Find a Job You Love

Originally Aired
October 6, 2017
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Christie Mims

Stuck, drained or beyond fed up by your job and ready to quit (but don’t know what you should do next?). No problem! Join Christie Mims (Col ’00), Founder of the Revolutionary Club—a Forbes Top 100 Website for your career—as she shows you:

  1. The big mistake you may be making right this moment as you contemplate job searching (don’t do this);
  2. Three steps to help you figure out work that you’d actually enjoy, so you won’t end up at another job you hate;
  3. A special networking formula that you are welcome to steal and use immediately;
  4. And bring your career questions! Christie is a certified professional career coach and happy to tackle anything that’s on your mind, so take advantage!

In addition to the webinar, make sure you grab Christie’s free 6 Simple Steps To Find Work You Love workbook, and get immediate help to find an amazing new career!

Sponsored by Merrill Lynch

About Christie Mims

Christie Mims (Col ’00) is a professional career coach and founder of the Forbes Top 100 career website, The Revolutionary Club. Focused on helping you find career happiness, she’s got tips, tricks, expert advice, and free resources for you to grab right from her website – Why? Because 1. You deserve it and 2. It beats hating your job. Named one of the top 29 career experts to follow in 2016, she’s dishing out all the career help you can handle.

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