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About the Kishore

Purpose & Criteria

The purpose of the Kishore Scholarship is to enable a rising Fourth-Year Student at the University of Virginia to continue leading a life of public service that inspires others and brings lasting, beneficial change to the community.

The Kishore Scholarship Fund was established in 2015 to honor the memory of Kris Kishore and the unique impact he had on the University community through his legendary love of learning, dedication to service and selfless leadership. Nominees for the scholarship should demonstrate the following values Kris Kishore lived by:


  • The Kishore Scholar’s educational and career ambitions should center on adding benefit to the community—whether local, national or international.
  • This student should demonstrate an unassuming commitment to the greater good that inspires similar selfless dedication among those around them. Their acts of servitude may be discreet but significant.

Community Impact

  • The Kishore Scholar should promote community above self.
  • This student should exhibit a deep love for the University through community engagement across various activities and interests. Their contributions may at times be indirect yet generate profound impact.

Leadership through Connection

  • The Kishore Scholar should be the rare leader who builds meaningful connections across the community; they lead for the community’s true benefit, not for self-recognition.
  • This student’s leadership style should be humble, reflective of the following traits:
    • Modest – subtly orchestrates connections, often quietly behind the scenes
    • Reflective – takes a step back to observe and then develop valuable linkages
    • Intuitive – senses other’s needs and identifies ways to bring them into the fold
    • Inclusive – reaches out to foster engagement and ensure every person is connected

Passionate Learning and Inspirational Teaching

  • The Kishore Scholar should hold education in high esteem, serving as both a passionate learner and trusted mentor in the community. They are regarded as a teacher—whether literally or figuratively—revealing many of life’s most elusive lessons.
  • This student’s intellectual curiosity should be exhibited through academic engagement, love of reading, and a proclivity to nurture community dialogue. The Kishore Scholar illuminates perspectives and mentors those around them toward finding their seat in the community.

Those submitting nominations should describe what they have learned from the Kishore Scholar, and how they inspire learning, servitude, and authentic community connection.

How will the scholarship play a pivotal role in the nominee’s ability to continue leading a life marked by service and humility? How will the scholarship bring lasting benefit to the University community through this year’s Kishore Scholar?

Vision & Scope

As you know, Kris was one-of-a kind. He was funny, loyal, genuine, generous, and kind (especially when no one was watching). He influenced a broad range of university organizations and had a seemingly endless group of friends. Later, Kris was the same influential thinker and friend to many within the Charlottesville community as a teacher and colleague within the local school systems. Almost everyone knew Kris and loved spending time with him. His spirit was irrepressible, and his enthusiasm for life and learning were contagious.

The purpose of this scholarship is to honor Kris’s memory in two primary ways:

  1. By recognizing a rising Fourth Year UVA student who exemplifies Kris’s character – serving and uniting others, making a broad impact across the University, and pursuing academics with curiosity and passion. Kris left big shoes to fill. With the help of the current administrators, faculty, and students, we hope to find a student each year who is the Kishore for their contemporaries. In addition to being a merit-based scholarship, we think that Kris would have appreciated some consideration of financial need, if appropriate. Final selection will be made by a rotating group of 12-14 donor trustees.
  1. By continuing to bring Kris’s friends together through the selection process and an annual event to award the scholarship (e.g., an award weekend, dinner, etc.). We envision this as a regular time to remember who Kris was, why we loved him, and how grateful we are for the community of friends that he gathered. All friends of Kris and supporters of the scholarship will be invited back for this event. We hope to make it a regular celebration of Kris’s memory, and we can think of no better way to honor Kris than to bring people together—as Kris did for so many of us.

Additionally, we may also have a physical marker somewhere on Grounds, such as a memorial bench, as a part of this effort. There are more details to work out, but the process will be modeled on the success of the Gray-Carrington Scholarship, which was established 46 years ago and continues to draw friends back together—some have come back every year for the annual awards dinner. We hope that, over time, The Kishore will likewise come to carry on Kris’s memory and make a valuable contribution to the University that Kris loved, and which gave so many of us the chance to know him.

Financial Goals & Giving Needs

Kris would likely be the first to say that no friend or colleague should feel obligated to give to this effort. Kris used to frequently say, “don’t tell me what I can/can’t do.” We remain bonded through the wonderful influence of his life. Everyone who has interest is welcome to participate in the social aspects of the Memorial in future years.

Our financial goal is to fund a “full ride” scholarship to a rising Fourth Year student from an endowment.  To accomplish this goal, the Memorial Fund hopes to raise $1 million in the near future.

We need your help.  Please consider giving a tax-deductible gift now and/or pledging to give a total over a couple of years.

The funds will be housed within and managed by the University of Virginia Investment Management Company, which manages the UVA Fund. The scholarship will be administered through the University of Virginia Alumni Association.