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The Kishore Memorial Scholarship Award

We lost a great friend on April 25, 2014 when Kris Kishore died.  Kris brought many alumni together during our time at the University of Virginia and many Charlottesville residents in the years since graduation. To honor Kris’s memory and continue his legacy of friendship, several friends from near and far—with the blessing and support of Kris’s wife, Katie, and sister Rekha—are leading an effort to establish a scholarship in Kris’s memory that we are affectionately calling “The Kishore.”

In the end, the money we raise is simply a means to a much larger end: To honor Kris’s memory, by helping others and maintaining the community of friendship that Kris created. We hope you will help us create this legacy.

Support the Kishore Memorial Scholarship Award List of Recipients

For more information, please contact Mary Elizabeth Luzar at