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Digital Marketing Career Opportunities

Digital Marketing is a booming industry with plenty of growth yet to come. It is also an enormously diverse industry with opportunities for quants as well as creative folks, writers, statisticians, coders, graphic designers, videographers and more. George Michie (Grad ’90) will walk you through the range of opportunities, and help you understand the cultural […]

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How to Leverage Social Media to Build Your Personal Brand

What are the key networks you should consider when developing your personal brand? From Twitter to LinkedIn to Instagram, Social Media Executive Chris Smith (Com ’94) focuses on user dos and don’ts when establishing and expanding your presence, taking you through examples of Influencers who are doing it right. Chris also discusses how to measure […]

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Strategic Tweeting: Advancing Your Career in 140 Characters

One of the biggest challenges in any career is making both connections and a good impression, in the right place and at the right time. With a range of options for information gathering, communication, and sharing, Twitter is an invaluable tool for career management – whether you are seeking a new opportunity or to expand […]

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Developing Your Digital Professional Portfolio and Your Personal Brand

What is a digital professional portfolio? Why would you want to have one? A professional portfolio can be a convincing professional tool that displays tangible evidence of your knowledge and skills and documents your achievements. Clare R. Kilbane, Ph.D. (Educ ’00) and Natalie B. Milman, Ph.D. (Educ ’00), authors of The Digital Teaching Portfolio Handbook, […]

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How to Write Emails and Job Apps Like a Total Pro

Writing skills are a critical part of a career in any industry. When we learn to compose emails with impact, they can lead to new relationships and change our path forever. Join communications expert and author Danny Rubin for an engaging, practical webinar on how to write with poise and leave the reader wanting more. […]

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Setting Yourself Apart: How to Communicate Your Personal Brand

Good college degree? Check. Solid work experience? Check. Diverse skill set? Check. Graduates of UVA and other top schools have a lot in common. So, what are you doing to set yourself apart to employers in this challenging job market? Join UVA alum Jennifer Beyer for an insightful (and fun) webinar on Personal Branding. Discover […]

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Your Professional Online Presence: How to Build Visibility and Be Found

If you’re looking to make a career move or simply expand your network, it can pay off to be visible in the right site at the right time. Chandlee Bryan will teach you strategies that can help you get found quickly by following the same techniques executive recruiters use to find top candidates. Learn how […]

LinkedIn 101

LinkedIn is an invaluable resource for anyone who works today — your presence on it is your professional brand, your profile is your resume that never sleeps, and your network is there to be built and tapped when you need it. With over 300 million members and news + original content, LinkedIn can help you […]

Blogging and Social Media for Professionals

Should you blog? Can a blog help advance your job or career? What platform should you use? Jennifer McDonald shares her expertise as a blogger (and blogging consultant) who has launched numerous personal and professional blogs. She will address the reasons for blogging, what it takes to start a blog, how to expand your blog’s […]

Twitter for Professional Purposes: 21 Tips

Many people still don’t “get” Twitter – especially from a professional perspective – or are uncertain whether there is any value in using it. Many others have set up an account but feel overwhelmed and/or unsure about how to maximize the potential benefits. Still others think they’re using it properly but really don’t know if […]

Business Connections: Using LinkedIn Like Never Before

LinkedIn started as a social media networking tool for individuals, and has matured into a formidable source for business promotion and engagement. Understanding how to utilize LinkedIn’s business pages, both professionally and personally, is essential for networking and marketing in today’s business climate. In this webinar, Jerry Dunnavant addresses how to most effectively create a […]

Twitter for Networking

Add Twitter to your toolkit for building professional networks! If you’re new to Twitter, or you’ve used it only for non-work-related purposes – this is the webinar with Katherine Fink is for you.