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UVA Alumni Career Engagement has partnered with CareerShift to offer a tool for finding and applying to jobs and for finding contacts. CareerShift’s tools and applications provide a unique opportunity for you to manage your job search. Only CareerShift provides an easy-to-use approach to crack the “hidden job market” and manage the job hunt all […]

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CareerShift: Info and Instructions

Alumni Career Engagement is committed to bringing you the best resources available to help you in your job search. CareerShift offers the most comprehensive online resource designed to support the #1 request of job seekers: an easy to use web site to conduct and organize their job search. CareerShift’s tools and applications provide a unique […]


Billion Dollar Business: How to Become a Successful Life Coach

Do you like helping people? Have friends and family told you that you’d make a great coach? Have you dreamed about starting your own coaching business? You aren’t alone!...
May 4, 2018

LIVE Career Q&A with Alumni Career Engagement

Ask us anything! Seeking that next great job, getting ready to ask for that promotion, or finishing your grad school application? Director of Alumni Career Engagement Amanda Panarese (Col...
Mar 23, 2018

How to Leverage Social Media to Build Your Personal Brand

What are the key networks you should consider when developing your personal brand? From Twitter to LinkedIn to Instagram, Social Media Executive Chris Smith (Com ’94) focuses on user...
Aug 25, 2017

UVA Alumni Networking Resources

Alumni Professional Networks Alumni Professional Networks: Industry Networks that allow alumni to expand their networks and advance their careers by connecting with other alumni in an area of interest. Clubs & Organizations Alumni Interest Groups:  UVA Alumni Interest Groups (AIGs) are micro-communities of alumni that share a common bond to each other as part of […]


General Networking Resources and Tips

If you have additional degrees from other schools, see if those organizations have alumni databases, and join their LinkedIn Groups. Search for community and regional in-person events to attend, as well as online groups focused on your occupation or interests. There are thousands of opportunities for networking – we list a few here to get […]


LinkedIn Changes and Features

If you’re a LinkedIn user, you’ve probably noticed that LinkedIn recently introduced a new user interface, along with some other changes in functionality. These changes were designed to create “a LinkedIn experience that is more intuitive, faster and creates more value for you.” If you aren’t already using LinkedIn, you are missing out on a […]

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Job Search Help From Family

We occasionally receive calls from family members on behalf of alumni who need career assistance. They reach out to gather information in an effort to help, looking for information that’s practical and specific. In response, we’ve developed 3 ways that you as family members of alumni can help alumni proactively manage their careers and set themselves […]

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LinkedIn Alumni Profiles

Using the Find Alumni tool in LinkedIn, you can see alumni from your school (or others), and search by geography, industry, or company.


Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Have you ever attended a conference or networking event, or met UVA alumni at social events, and dutifully collected contact information—only to do nothing with it? Regina Clay (Col...
Mar 10, 2017

Strategic Tweeting: Advancing Your Career in 140 Characters

One of the biggest challenges in any career is making both connections and a good impression, in the right place and at the right time. With a range of...
Jan 27, 2017