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Job Search Help From Family

We occasionally receive calls from family members on behalf of alumni who need career assistance. They reach out to gather information in an effort to help, looking for information that’s practical and specific.

In response, we’ve developed 3 ways that you as family members of alumni can help alumni proactively manage their careers and set themselves up for future success!


One of the most practical ways you can help is by sharing information: job or internship leads that might be of interest, professional associations, job fairs, websites, other career events, and of course, Alumni Career Engagement!

When sharing information, be sure to share the sources as well, so alumni can follow up.


Providing names of contacts in their field or company of interest can make a significant and meaningful impact in their search. Up to 85% of jobs are filled through referrals.1 Sharing contacts with alumni helps expand their networks and increases the likelihood of their meeting the person best positioned to help.

Family members often have deep networks with contacts alumni might not otherwise reach. Sharing names along with a bit of context makes it easy for alumni to follow up.

Personal recommendations and introductions are even more valuable; a quick email from you to your contact, introducing your family member, can start a meaningful interaction/conversation.


By far, the most important way you can help is by being supportive of their choices and offering encouragement.  Encourage them to explore their interests and take charge of their careers: reach out to people they don’t know, take assessments, attend job/career events, contact people who work in jobs or for companies they are interested in, develop a professional online presence and be self-reliant.

For more ideas, check out our webinar, “When People Make You Tired: Networking for Introverts!”, and be sure to visit our curated list of industry-specific job boards!

[1] Adler, L. (2016, Feb 29). New survey reveals 85% of all jobs are filled via networking. LinkedIn.