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LinkedIn for Job Searching

This interactive webinar will show how data reveals what matters most in today’s job market, contrary to conventional wisdom. Former LinkedIn staffer Jeremy Schifeling will share behind-the-scenes insights and...
Nov 13, 2023

Today’s Dynamic Job Market and the Job Search

Over the last few years, we’ve seen significant changes to the job market in the wake of the pandemic and other economic forces. Our panel of alumni talent acquisition...
Nov 14, 2023

What’s Next? Successfully Navigating Career Transitions

Whether your goal is to completely change careers, make a smaller pivot, or return to the workforce after a career break, career transitions require a strategy. Join us to...
Nov 15, 2023

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging: Leveraging the Power of Your Organizational Culture

Organizations worldwide continue to focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and it is now vital to workplace culture and the recruitment and retention of employees. There is still...
Sep 30, 2021

Blockchain and Crypto: Demystifying the space and identifying opportunities

The use cases for Blockchain technology continue to grow and the adoption of blockchain-based assets—like cryptocurrency—has garnered the attention of entrepreneurs, investors and regulators alike. Join our panel of...
Aug 26, 2021

Women Investing in Tech

Women continue to make an immense impact in technology, and the opportunities to invest in the industry continue to grow. Whether investing in their own idea or that of...
Oct 21, 2020

Why Not Now? Starting a Business in Times of Uncertainty

We are living in uncertain times, but you may see it as the perfect time to start your company. Whether you have had an idea for years or have...
Sep 24, 2020

Media & Entertainment: Creating New Opportunities in Times of Change

The Media & Entertainment industry has seen sweeping changes to normal work routines and processes due to the pandemic crisis. Join our panel of UVA alumni industry experts to...
Aug 6, 2020

Crisis is the Mother of Innovation

Businesses have been forced to rapidly adapt and innovate to attract, develop, delight and retain their customers during the COVID-19 crisis. Many of those adaptations may not only save...
Jun 9, 2020

CareerShift Demonstration

Dynamic job, contact and employer search Targeted results Organizational tools
Jun 23, 2020

The Dazzling Tonic of Silence

In this webinar, alumna and Associate Professor Charlotte Matthews (Col ’88, Associate Professor, Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies) will offer both practical and notional thoughts on silence. She will argue...
May 18, 2018

Billion Dollar Business: How to Become a Successful Life Coach

Do you like helping people? Have friends and family told you that you’d make a great coach? Have you dreamed about starting your own coaching business? You aren’t alone!...
May 4, 2018