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Twitter for Professional Purposes: 21 Tips

Originally Aired
October 18, 2013
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Courtney Hunt
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Many people still don’t “get” Twitter – especially from a professional perspective – or are uncertain whether there is any value in using it. Many others have set up an account but feel overwhelmed and/or unsure about how to maximize the potential benefits. Still others think they’re using it properly but really don’t know if they are. Courtney Hunt will help these Tweeters and more by sharing 21 best practice suggestions for getting the most out of the Twitter experience, including:

  • Leveraging Twitter for career management, business development, job search, etc.
  • Account/profile set up
  • Determining who to follow (and unfollow)
  • Building Twitter engagement into your daily routine
  • Using the right language and other conventions
  • Striking appropriate balances between:
    • quantity and quality,
    • personal and professional,
    • private and public
  • Using hashtags appropriately

At the end of the session everyone will be better able to tweet without looking like a twit!

About Courtney Hunt

Courtney Shelton Hunt, PhD (Educ ’91) is an international consultant, speaker, teacher, and writer. Her background in business development, communications, human capital management, information technology, and academia, combined with her business acumen, enables her to provide a unique holistic perspective and strategic leadership to organizations. As the Founder of The Denovati Group and the Principal of Denovati Solutions, she consults with individuals and organizations to enhance their social and digital engagement, both externally and internally. Her services include strategic and tactical guidance, training and coaching, and change management.

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