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UVA Alumni Career Engagement has partnered with CareerShift to offer a tool for finding and applying to jobs and for finding contacts. CareerShift’s tools and applications provide a unique opportunity for you to manage your job search. Only CareerShift provides an easy-to-use approach to crack the “hidden job market” and manage the job hunt all […]

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Tackle Your Job Search Like a Pro!

The prospect of a job search can be daunting, particularly if you’re preparing for your first post-graduation job, or if it’s been a while since your last search. Whether you’re new or returning to the job market, or just ready to level up in your career, it can be hard to take the first step. […]

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Preferences, Qualifications, and Opportunities

Job candidates often have definite ideas about what they are seeking in their next role: a specific salary range or geographic location, part-time or remote work, or a better work/life balance. Clear preferences help candidates find the best fit; however, there’s a fine balance between preferences, qualifications, and available opportunities. Envisioning each of these areas […]

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Summer Career Refresh

Summer is here! As you refresh your spirit with a well-deserved vacation, it’s also the perfect time to refresh your career. Whether you are considering a new job, graduate school and/or professional development, or simply starting the next fiscal year on a high note, you can proactively take stock of your goals and progress to […]

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LinkedIn Changes and Features

If you’re a LinkedIn user, you’ve probably noticed that LinkedIn recently introduced a new user interface, along with some other changes in functionality. These changes were designed to create “a LinkedIn experience that is more intuitive, faster and creates more value for you.” If you aren’t already using LinkedIn, you are missing out on a […]

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Job Search Help From Family

We occasionally receive calls from family members on behalf of alumni who need career assistance. They reach out to gather information in an effort to help, looking for information that’s practical and specific. In response, we’ve developed 3 ways that you as family members of alumni can help alumni proactively manage their careers and set themselves […]

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Tracking your accomplishments: 3 benefits and 6 strategies

One of the points we stressed in our recent webinar, Career Trends and Resolutions for the New Year, was the importance of keeping your resume up to date and keeping track of your accomplishments as you go. We offer three benefits of tracking your accomplishments, along with six strategies you can implement right away. BENEFITS […]

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What exactly are MOOCs anyway?

The subject of MOOCs has come up several times recently, both in our conversations with clients and in Friday Forum Webinar discussions about professional development opportunities. We thought it might be helpful to clarify what MOOCs are and share how they might fit into your career management strategy. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are online […]

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January—and wintertime in general—can make many of us feel like we could use some extra support. The weight of handling personal issues or needs may affect someone’s ability to focus on a job search or career strategy. It’s important to get the support you need in those areas of your life, so you can have […]

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Holiday Networking

The holidays are here! With festive holiday gatherings comes a terrific opportunity to polish your networking skills. Sharing holiday cheer with others will often organically develop into leads, or offers of help.  Here are some networking tips to keep in mind as you celebrate. Ask people about themselves If you’re nervous or timid about meeting […]

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Small Town Job Searches: 4 Ways to Hit the Ground Running!

Job searches in smaller towns require a slightly different approach, as there are not as many employers, and the existing employers are usually smaller. There is a greater emphasis on relationship building and becoming a known entity, as hiring managers prefer to hire candidates they know or who are recommended by someone they trust. Whether […]

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