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Advisor Notes

12 Tips to Refresh Your Resume and Cover Letter!

Fall is a great time for fresh starts; use these tips to refresh your resume and cover letter! RESUMES Update. Add any new jobs, skills, education, certifications, and software. Delete skills, bullets points, or certifications that are out of date or no longer relevant. Keywords. Most resumes are now scanned for specific criteria. Include keywords […]

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The Benefits of Professional Development

Our annual professional association conference is coming up in July. Every year we look forward to sharing best practices with peers at other universities, learning about emerging career advising topics and strategies and exploring new products with vendors.  We always return energized, with many new contacts; eager to implement new ideas. Every profession offers unique […]

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Finding the Right Fit

Have you ever been attracted to a company because of its culture, or experienced a job where the company culture just wasn’t a good fit? Finding the right cultural fit is key to overall job satisfaction. Researching a company’s culture is therefore an important part of job search due diligence. Not only will researching help […]

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Grad School: Plan and Apply

Last time we looked at factors to consider when you are deciding whether to apply to graduate school. Now that you have decided, here are your next steps! Get organized: You will need to keep track of a lot of information: application and other deadlines, GPA and entrance exam requirements and scores, personal statement prompts […]

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Should You Go to Grad School? 4 Considerations

Returning to school for a graduate degree can be a sensible career move, as many fields require or prefer a graduate or professional degree. It might also help if you are changing careers. At the same time, graduate school is a major investment, so it is important that you spend plenty of time reflecting and […]

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Time-Saving Technology: Digital Pens

From time to time we will explore tools and technology that are designed to make your career and life easier. Digital pens, also known as smartpens, are a great example of a time-saving tool that can make the daily task of note taking much more efficient for work, school or personal use. Notes are written […]


4 Things to Do (and 3 Things Not to Do) When You Have An Offer and Are Awaiting Another

Congratulations, you’ve just received a job offer! Your hard work has paid off; the job is interesting and you liked the people you would be working with.  However, there’s a catch.  You were much more excited about another job you interviewed for, but you haven’t received that offer yet.  What should you do? Receiving a job […]

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How to Network With Alumni

Networking is a key step in a successful job search. Conversations with other people can help you learn more about an occupation or organization and explore different career paths. However, many people find networking to be difficult. They share that they: Don’t know what to say Feel intimidated Don’t want to bother anyone Are introverted […]

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5 Steps to Help Focus Your Job Search

Job searches today need to be focused. Employers expect candidates to know what they are looking for and to demonstrate how they would add value to the organization. Wherever you are in your career, and whether you are considering a specific path or multiple paths, here are five steps you can take to help focus […]

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