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Tracking your accomplishments: 3 benefits and 6 strategies

One of the points we stressed in our recent webinar, Career Trends and Resolutions for the New Year, was the importance of keeping your resume up to date and keeping track of your accomplishments as you go. We offer three benefits of tracking your accomplishments, along with six strategies you can implement right away. BENEFITS […]

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4 Things to Do (and 3 Things Not to Do) When You Have An Offer and Are Awaiting Another

Congratulations, you’ve just received a job offer! Your hard work has paid off; the job is interesting and you liked the people you would be working with.  However, there’s a catch.  You were much more excited about another job you interviewed for, but you haven’t received that offer yet.  What should you do? Receiving a job […]

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Winning the War for Talent: Thriving in a Competitive Employment Market

Talent management professional Mike Thompson provides an inside look at what many employers call the “war for talent,” both from employer and employee perspectives. During his presentation, Mike will:...
Feb 19, 2016

How Star Performers Leverage Performance Reviews

What’s the best way to prepare for my performance review? How can I explain everything I’ve done all year in just an hour? My boss doesn’t really know what...
Nov 20, 2015

Negotiation at Work – Part Art, Part Science

Did you ever wonder what is up for negotiation at work? Debbie Allan reveals what you can—and should be—negotiating in your existing (or new) job. You will get practical...
Nov 7, 2014