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Time-Saving Technology: Digital Pens

From time to time we will explore tools and technology that are designed to make your career and life easier.

Digital pens, also known as smartpens, are a great example of a time-saving tool that can make the daily task of note taking much more efficient for work, school or personal use.

Notes are written on paper and are then digitized and uploaded to the user’s computer or devices. The pens can also record and upload audio from lectures, meetings, and presentations, allowing users to capture and preserve full presentations for later review.

Apps, including Evernote, can be added to customize the user experience. Technewsworld describes in more detail some of the ways digital pens can be used to streamline many daily notetaking tasks.

Digital pens are also used in education; both as a time-saving tool and as an assistive technology device. Students take notes on special paper imprinted with microdots while recording audio lectures. The notes and audio are digitized and synched to their computer or other devices, ensuring they capture the full lecture. Students can return later to a specific point in the lecture or notes for further review.

Engaging Technologies discusses several ways digital pens have been used as assistive technology in K-12 classrooms, and Livescribe, the leader in the smartpen industry, actively promotes smartpens as a resource for assistive technology for students, and as a tool for general use in K-12 and higher education.

A comparison of ten top selling digital pens for 2016 is available here.

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