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Summer Career Refresh

Summer is here! As you refresh your spirit with a well-deserved vacation, it’s also the perfect time to refresh your career.

Whether you are considering a new job, graduate school and/or professional development, or simply starting the next fiscal year on a high note, you can proactively take stock of your goals and progress to put your best foot forward in achieving your goals.

Job search

  • Companies often hire at the start of the new fiscal year, so you may find more opportunities available around July 1.
  • Natural attrition also picks up over the summer as people move on; particularly jobs related to education (for employees and their spouses/partners).

Graduate School/Professional Development

  • Do you plan to apply to graduate or professional school? Earn a certificate? Apply for a new job or promotion? Make a career transition? Research what you need to do, create a plan and get organized. Check out our newly redesigned website for help in charting your path!
  • Many grad school application processes are in high gear over the summer. Line up recommendations, take entrance exams (or prepare for them; Alumni Association members receive a discount from Kaplan test prep) and start writing your personal statement. ACE can help with personal statement and essay reviews

Shine in Place

  • Summer is a great time to assess your accomplishments from last year and plan for the coming year. Assess your positive impact on the organization using quantifiable results and discuss them with your manager. These results could become part of your annual performance evaluation and could help shape your goals for the coming year. Make it a habit to track your results going forward.
  • If you are seeking a promotion, explore internal career paths to determine your options. Finding a mentor is another proactive step you can take toward career growth.
  • Covering for colleagues during their vacations could enable you to pick up some additional skills, or deepen existing ones. This can be particularly helpful when you are early in your career and preparing for your next move.
  • Consider joining a professional association or attending a conference in your field. These activities can help you grow as a leader, develop subject matter expertise, and expand your professional network. Many professional conferences take place over the summer, so check schedules for this year or next.

Whatever your career goals, be strategic and make the most of your summer! ACE is here to help.