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Post-Graduate Trustees Class Unity Scholarship

The UVA Post-Graduate Trustees are proud to announce the Class Unity Scholarship. This award is designed to honor rising fourth-year students who have encouraged meaningful and collective transformations to the UVA community during their undergraduate tenure.

This scholarship seeks to honor students who are humble, resilient, and passionate. Nominees should be individuals who have contributed to building class unity in some way. Note that fostering unity does not mean the individual needs to be the most popular or recognizable person in their class. Rather, building unity can take many forms, including challenging status quo norms to better the school as a whole.

In addition to the above traits, the recipients of this scholarship should be known for their ability to act as empathetic friends, diligent workers, and inspiring leaders.

Any current third-year student is eligible for nomination, either by a peer or they may nominate themselves. Since the scholarship is designed to honor individuals who have inspired class unity throughout their time at UVA, all nominations must come from current students. Nominations from faculty and/or staff will not be considered.

The scholarship will be worth $1,000 for the 2023–24 academic year and will be awarded to at least one rising fourth-year student.

Apply for the Post-Graduate Trustees Class Unity Scholarship