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Jerry V. Glover Memorial Scholarship

Jerry V. Glover (UVA ’83 & ’88) was a graduate of Heritage High School in Lynchburg, Virginia, where he participated in an array of activities, including football, theater, choir, and forensics. Jerry earned an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Virginia, where he had a distinguished career. He was a starter on the football team and a member of numerous academic and honor societies, including Omicron Delta Kappa, Raven Society, IMP, and the 13 Society. Jerry was also a recipient of the prestigious Gray-Carrington Scholarship for an outstanding member of the third-year class. In his fourth year, he was a resident of the Lawn, a privilege reserved for exceptional fourth-year students to live in Thomas Jefferson’s “Academical Village.” After earning his undergraduate degree (’83) and working in sales for a few years, Jerry was admitted to UVA’s Darden School of Business. At Darden, he served as the student representative on the University’s Board of Visitors and earned an MBA in 1988. Upon graduation from Darden, Jerry was awarded a Luce Scholarship to travel to Taiwan to fulfill the Henry Luce Foundation’s goal of increasing awareness of Asia among future leaders in American society. As an alumnus, Jerry remained active in the UVA community, serving as president of the Atlanta and London chapters of the Alumni Association. Upon his death, it was learned that he was also a member of the University’s Seven Society, which distinguishes itself through anonymous philanthropic donations.

From a young age and throughout adulthood, Jerry had a gentle and self-assured inner strength, and he stood up for his convictions. This was balanced by his amazing ability never to take himself too seriously. He prioritized his relationships—he was a trusted friend to many, and he made everyone in his presence feel special and important. He was protective of his friends, and had tremendous respect for his family, including his sister, Susan, who joined him at UVA his fourth year. He was remarkably intelligent and attained academic success, but he cared far more about satisfying his curiosity than achieving perfect grades. In his life and career, he defined success on his own terms, according to his own values. He had a sharp vision but a wide perspective, both well-read and well-traveled. He had a creative passion and restlessness coupled with wisdom, and a desire to impact the world in novel ways.

Jerry was a successful media and broadcast executive. As a corporate entrepreneur, Jerry brought innovation to some of the biggest companies in the industry. His career included:

  • Launching The Travel Channel throughout Europe from 1993-96.
  • Serving as a founding executive at Granada Sky Broadcasting from 1996-97, where he planned and launched four channels and the first ever masthead TV programs in the UK.
  • Leading the National Geographic Channel Europe, which became the world’s fastest growing channel, reaching 17 million subscribers in 32 countries in nine languages in just over a year.
  • Becoming a pioneer in the UK’s new media industry, serving first as Commercial Director for Yahoo! Europe and later Senior Vice President of Interactive Marketing for AOL Europe from April 2001 until he lost his life in a tragic accident in December 2001, at the young age of 40.

This scholarship was established to honor the memory of Jerry V. Glover and to perpetuate his remarkable legacy. The Jerry V. Glover Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an entering University of Virginia student from the greater Lynchburg, Virginia area (including Amherst, Bedford, Campbell, and Appomattox Counties). Selection is based upon a demonstrated record of academic and athletic or extracurricular achievement, as well as the embodiment of good leadership and citizenship. Consideration will be given to financial need, and it is hoped that this scholarship will allow a student of exceptional promise, but limited financial means, additional support to attend the University of Virginia. In 2022, the scholarship will be for $10,000 and can be renewed each year of the recipient’s undergraduate career, provided he or she continues to achieve academically and demonstrate leadership and good citizenship.

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