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Erika J. Preve Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is in honor of the family’s dear Erika Judith Preve, who passed away of an unexpected medical event in 2017. Her middle name comes from her fearless Great Aunt Judith, a world-renowned rider of the Hungarian Magyar horses. Erika followed in those footsteps with her own fearless competitive riding in childhood and college.

Erika was born in the U.S. but lived for 5 years in Argentina as a child and was a world traveler, and that background helped her become globally sensitive to diversity and cultures. She excelled at languages, particularly Spanish and Latin. Erika’s drive even from a very early age was “fairness,” she seemed to zoom in when things seemed unfair. UVA was a time for her to mature with a good liberal arts background, and media studies was her major, as it was as close as she could get to her interest in writing and journalism.

Erika’s most important job post-graduation from UVA was at Criteo, a French company described as a global technology company dealing in commerce and marketing, with offices in the U.S. Her colleagues wrote volumes about her after she passed away, all emphasizing her sharp and playful sense of humor. She was fair, steady and expected her team to work as hard as she did (with a sense of humor thrown in when things got tough).

This scholarship seeks to award a rising 2nd year student who shows a commitment to those qualities of leadership and fairness, and may be renewed through the 4th year of study as long as the recipient maintains a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Deadline: March 3, 2023

Apply via AwardSpring