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Boomer Entrepreneurship Part 1: The Movement and the Rewards

Learn about the “free agent” movement and the rewards of starting your own venture. (Part 1 of 3)

Sep 23, 2016

Stress Management for the Busy Professional (and Anyone Else Who is Feeling Stressed Out)

Find 7 strategies for managing and reducing stress.

Sep 16, 2016

Starting Your MBA Applications: What You Need to Know

Applying to business school is about more than just the GMAT: it’s about presenting yourself in the best possible light, differentiating yourself from other qualified applicants, and directly addressing...
Jun 24, 2016

When People Make You Tired: Networking for Introverts!

We all know the importance of networking – it can lead to nice raises, interesting new jobs, and completely revitalized careers. Who doesn’t want to pick up the phone...
Jun 3, 2016

New Hire Paperwork: What Every Employee Needs to Know

Completing that mountain of paperwork for human resources can be confusing and a little overwhelming no matter how many jobs you’ve had. Join Malia Fischer as she unveils the...
May 20, 2016

Careers in Advancement: More Than Fundraising

Join AJ Davidson, Talent Acquisition Manager for the UVA advancement community, to learn more about what it means to pursue a career in advancement. Advancement is a relatively young...
May 6, 2016

Resumes Revealed: The Real Reasons Why Recruiters Don’t Call You Back and What To Do About It

Have you ever submitted a resume online only to have it disappear into the employer’s internet black hole? Just like the old expression “beauty is in the eye of...
Apr 22, 2016

How to Write Emails and Job Apps Like a Total Pro

Writing skills are a critical part of a career in any industry. When we learn to compose emails with impact, they can lead to new relationships and change our...
Apr 1, 2016

Use Your Business Skills to Succeed in Data Analytics

Are you looking for a way to leverage your background into the burgeoning area of data science? A career in data analytics requires more than technical expertise – analysts...
Mar 18, 2016

10 Things You Need to Consider if You Are Ready for a Job or Career Change

A 2014 Gallup poll shows that 70% of America’s workforce are “disengaged” in their jobs. That means they are working, but they aren’t enjoying it. Economic recovery has been...
Mar 4, 2016

Winning the War for Talent: Thriving in a Competitive Employment Market

Talent management professional Mike Thompson provides an inside look at what many employers call the “war for talent,” both from employer and employee perspectives. During his presentation, Mike will:...
Feb 19, 2016

Inside Scoop: Careers in Nursing

Attracted by healthy demand, good salaries and prospects for more meaningful work, many career changers and retirees are giving nursing a closer look. Also, mid-career nurses who want to...
Feb 5, 2016

Crafting a Corporate Career with a Liberal Arts Degree

As a Spanish and Latin American Studies major, Cheryl Battles Fudge learned firsthand the challenges of leveraging a liberal arts degree to create fulfilling and challenging professional opportunities in...
Jan 22, 2016

Act Your Way to Career Success: Strategies for Effective Communication

Too often we go from meeting to meeting, phone call to phone call, without stopping to think strategically about what we want from that interaction and how we’re going...
Jan 8, 2016

Career Options for Academics and Other Intellectuals

Graduate students, postdocs, and PhDs are primarily trained to enter careers in academic teaching and research. But where else do academics and other job seekers who thrive on intellectually...
Dec 4, 2015

How Star Performers Leverage Performance Reviews

What’s the best way to prepare for my performance review? How can I explain everything I’ve done all year in just an hour? My boss doesn’t really know what...
Nov 20, 2015

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Deciding to Apply to Grad School

MBA Career Advisor Mary Ryan walks you through the thought process of whether or not to apply to graduate school. She’ll share her personal experience of applying to graduate...
Nov 6, 2015

How to Create a Standout LinkedIn Profile that Gets Results

LinkedIn currently has 380 million users, and that number is growing by 2 new users per second. LinkedIn is being used in 200 countries worldwide and in 20 languages. In...
Oct 23, 2015

Setting Yourself Apart: How to Communicate Your Personal Brand

Good college degree? Check. Solid work experience? Check. Diverse skill set? Check. Graduates of UVA and other top schools have a lot in common. So, what are you doing...
Oct 9, 2015

Spotlight on Government Careers: Federal Contracting Officers

Federal contracting officers help the government buy nearly half a trillion dollars’ worth of goods and services every year – from paper to engineering services to aircraft carriers. Contracting...
Sep 25, 2015

Magnetic Leadership: the Four Characteristics of an Authentic Leader

In this webinar, executive coach and consultant Lauren Fritsch shares her model for Magnetic Leadership. You’ll learn the top four characteristics and behaviors of strong leaders and how to...
Sep 11, 2015

Explore Your Financial Goals and Define Your American Dream

Do your life goals include home ownership, retirement, entrepreneurship, graduate school, a new career, children, or family and career balance? Each of those goals require financial strategies in order...
Aug 28, 2015

Five Key Strategies to Maximize Revenue when Negotiating Business Deals

Do you handle your company’s business deals with clients, service providers and other business partners? Are you so busy developing business, creating products and services, and serving clients that...
Jun 26, 2015

The Inside Scoop: Careers in Data Science

Data Science is one of the most worthwhile and exciting career paths available today. We are experiencing an exponential increase in data collection, and companies are searching far and...
Jun 12, 2015

Communicating Your Data Effectively Through Graphs

Presenting visual data through charts, tables, and diagrams helps you deliver bite-sized information that viewers will understand at a glance and retain for the long run. Ann Emery (Col...
May 15, 2015