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Career Options for Academics and Other Intellectuals

Originally Aired
December 4, 2015
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Fatimah Williams Castro
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Graduate students, postdocs, and PhDs are primarily trained to enter careers in academic teaching and research. But where else do academics and other job seekers who thrive on intellectually stimulating work get hired? Fatimah Williams Castro provides insights into popular industries and roles for academics as well as common career-transition mistakes to avoid that most intellectual, mission-driven job seekers make. This webinar is for prospective graduate students who want to understand their career options; academics at any career stage who are interested in non-faculty careers; faculty who want to know their options after tenure denial; and family members and friends who want to better support the academic or prospective graduate student in their life.

About Fatimah Williams Castro

Fatimah Williams Castro, Ph.D. (Col ’02) is an author, speaker, and career coach whose professional development guidance has been featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Scientific American, University Affairs, Rutgers Today, and Ph.D.s in Progress Podcast. She is the founder of Beyond the Tenure Track, a career strategy and professional development-consulting firm that helps graduate students, postdocs, and faculty successfully transition into meaningful careers that pay well.

Dr. Williams Castro holds a doctorate in Cultural Anthropology from Rutgers University and bachelor’s degrees in Foreign Affairs and African American Studies from the University of Virginia. Awarded the nationally competitive Consortium for Faculty Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2011, she has served as chair of the Workshops Committee of the National Association for the Practice of Anthropology and is a member of the Graduate Career Consortium and the National Postdoctoral Association. Additionally, Fatimah is the former Associate Director at the University of Pennsylvania Career Services. She has spoken at numerous universities and organizations across the country, including Princeton University, Yale University, and the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity.

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