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How Star Performers Leverage Performance Reviews

Originally Aired
November 20, 2015
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Karen Snyder
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What’s the best way to prepare for my performance review?

How can I explain everything I’ve done all year in just an hour?

My boss doesn’t really know what I do:  how can I get a good review?

Join Karen Snyder, consultant to CEOs and HR Directors, as she shares how top performers prepare and engage their managers during performance reviews. Karen will provide specific suggestions on how you can make your next review a positive and productive experience.

About Karen Snyder

Karen Snyder (Col ’83) is an expert in business processes and strategic planning, focusing on the senior leadership team. She consults regularly with CEOs and high level government officials. Karen is known for her insight, charisma, and authenticity, and has over 25 years in the speaking and training profession.

Karen holds a master’s degree in organizational development from Johns Hopkins University, and an undergraduate degree in industrial psychology from the University of Virginia. She has been accepted as a full member of the National Speakers Association and hopes to earn her CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) in 2016.

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