Wahoo Connect FAQs


What is Wahoo Connect?

Wahoo Connect is the Alumni Association’s new online network for UVA alumni. Through Wahoo Connect, you can search our alumni directory, connect with fellow alumni individually and through shared interest groups to expand your network, and access resources to develop and enrich your career. Think of it as the digital front door to connect with the UVA communities of your past, present and future.

Wahoo Connect also hosts the alumni job board and our Alumni Professional Networks (APNs).

Currently, the main audience on Wahoo Connect is undergraduate alumni. In the future, we are hoping to add other populations, like graduate school alumni, current students, or friends of the University.

Is there a Wahoo Connect app?

Yes! You can download the Wahoo Connect app wherever you get your apps:

  • For iOS users, search for “Graduway” in the Apple app store. Graduway is the hosting platform for Wahoo Connect. When you sign up, type University of Virginia as your institution (“UVA” is not valid).
  • For Android users, search for Wahoo Connect in the Google play store.

Either way, make sure to turn on push notifications so you don’t miss a thing!

Is Wahoo Connect different than HoosOnline?

Yes. As of May 2021, the University of Virginia has retired HoosOnline. Wahoo Connect is the new host for the alumni directory you may have accessed via HoosOnline. Many of the other resources previously available to you through HoosOnline, such as Email for Life and Library Resources are not a part of Wahoo Connect. For more information about the changes and contact information for service previously available in HoosOnline, please visit https://hoosonline.virginia.edu/.

Please note: As Wahoo Connect is a new platform, you will need to create a new username and password – your HoosOnline login information is not valid.

Do I have to create a Wahoo Connect account to update my contact information with the University or the UVA Alumni Association?

Not if you don’t want to! For simple contact information updates, click here.

Where can I view the terms of use?

You can view the Graduway (hosting platform) terms of use and privacy policy from the footer of the landing and registration pages.

Click here to view the Wahoo Connect House Rules on the Alumni Association website.

Account Creation/Profile Management

How do I sign up for Wahoo Connect?

You can sign up for Wahoo Connect using an email address, or an existing LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google account.

Please note: As Wahoo Connect is a new platform, you will need to create a new username and password – your Hoos Online login information or login information from other UVA- or UVA Alumni Association-associated sites is not valid.

  1. Go to wahooconnect.com
  2. Click “Get Started”, “Join Now” or “Start Networking” on the slider images

Step-by-step instructions on how to sign up with…

Why do I have to manually input so much personal information? Doesn’t the UVA Alumni Association already have this information on file?

While the UVA Alumni Association does have some information on most alumni, Wahoo Connect will serve as an easy way for alumni to update their information, so we wanted to be sure to give users the opportunity to do it from the start.

Many alumni will find that their basic biographic data and degree information has already been loaded into Wahoo Connect. As we continue our rollout and expansion of the platform, we intend to sync additional information with our database of record.

Due to limitations with the system, we are currently only able to preload this information for one email address per user. We have selected the preferred email address you have on file with the University of Virginia. If you register with a different email address this data will not already be applied to your account and you may experience a delay of up to 3 days for manual account approval.

What do the different affiliations mean?

Affiliation is another word for user type. The current affiliation options are:

  • Alumna/us: select if you are an undergraduate or graduate alumna/us
  • Alumni Association Contributing Member: select if you are a contributing member of the Alumni Association (previously known as Life Members)
  • Alumni Association Staff: select if you are a current staff member of the UVA Alumni Association
  • UVA Faculty & Staff: select if you are a current UVA faculty or staff member
  • Student: select if you are a current undergraduate or graduate student
  • Friend of UVA: select if you do not have a degree from or are not a staff member of UVA

How do I edit my birthday?

In order to insert your proper date of birth, you will want to click on the calendar icon found on the right-hand side of the date of birth field. Click here for step-by-step instructions for how to edit your birthday.

My UVA degree or major isn’t listed – how do I add it?

Please email wahoo-connect@virginia.edu. We are happy to add it for you!

My degree or major from another institution isn’t listed – how do I add it?

The options available in this list are pre-populated by Graduway (hosting platform of Wahoo Connect), and we acknowledge that they are a limited.

We added a blank field (“Field of Study (other)”) for alumni to enter a field of study that is not listed in the generic drop-down menu.

If you don't see your field of study in the dropdown, enter it in the Field of Study (Other) box

My student organization/CIO isn’t listed– how do I add it?

Please email wahoo-connect@virginia.edu. We are happy to add it for you!

Why is my account pending?

Your account is most likely pending because the email address you used to register doesn’t match the email address we have on file for you, or because you are a current student or a recent graduate and we haven’t yet pre-loaded your information. We appreciate your patience in awaiting our reply!

How do I reset my password?

  • Visit wahooconnect.com
  • Click “Sign In” in the upper left-hand corner of the screen
  • Under the fields for “Email” and “Password”, click “Forgot password”
  • Follow the system prompts to reset your password

Click here for step-by-step instructions from Graduway (the platform host of Wahoo Connect) to reset your password.

I don’t want to be listed in the alumni directory – who do I contact?

Email wahoo-connect@virginia.edu to be removed from the alumni directory.

Alumni Directory

How do I use the alumni directory?

To access the alumni directory, log into Wahoo Connect and click “Directory” on the left-hand menu. You can search the directory using the search bar at the top (search by name or keyword) or by using the filters on the right-hand side of the page.

What is the Hoo’s Missing list?

The Hoo’s Missing list represents alumni that have not yet created an account on Wahoo Connect. You can send them a message through Wahoo Connect (and it will be delivered to the email address we have on file for them, if applicable), or, if you’ve synced your Facebook account and they are also on Facebook, you can message them through Facebook.

Screenshot of a Hoo's Missing search

Why isn’t my friend or classmate isn’t showing up in the directory?

The UVA Alumni Association has pre-loaded most undergraduate and graduate alumni into the Wahoo Connect directory. Currently, we have not pre-loaded faculty, staff, students or friends.

Please note, some alumni are unable to be pre-loaded due any of the following reasons and will not appear in the directory:

  • Alumni for whom the University of Virginia does not have a valid email address on file
  • Alumni who share a single email address with another alumnus/a spouse or family member
  • Alumni who have requested to not receive email communications from the University of Virginia
  • Recent graduates (there can be a delay before new alumni are loaded into or updated in the database of record)

If you don’t see the name you’re looking for and would like to confirm the reason they are not in the directory, please email wahoo-connect@virginia.edu.

Other Features


At this time, only Alumni Association administrators have the ability to create groups. Email wahoo-connect@virginia.edu with suggestions for groups you’d like to see on Wahoo Connect!


At this time, only Alumni Association staff members have the ability to add events being hosted by the Alumni Association to Wahoo Connect.


The jobs listed on Wahoo Connect mirror the job board on UVAlumniJobs. Email Angela Antenucci, senior associate director of Alumni Career Services, to have a job added to the board.

Additional Resources

Once you create an account, you’ll have access to additional resources on how to make the most of your Wahoo Connect experience. You can find these resources on the left-hand menu under “Resources.”