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Category: Networking

Small Town Job Searches: 4 Ways to Hit the Ground Running!

Job searches in smaller towns require a slightly different approach, as there are not as many employers, and the existing employers are usually smaller. There is a greater emphasis on relationship building and becoming a known entity, as hiring managers prefer to hire candidates they know or who are recommended by someone they trust. Whether […]

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When People Make You Tired: Networking for Introverts!

We all know the importance of networking – it can lead to nice raises, interesting new jobs, and completely revitalized careers. Who doesn’t want to pick up the phone...
Jun 3, 2016

How to Network With Alumni

Networking is a key step in a successful job search. Conversations with other people can help you learn more about an occupation or organization and explore different career paths. However, many people find networking to be difficult. They share that they: Don’t know what to say Feel intimidated Don’t want to bother anyone Are introverted […]

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Magnetic Networking: How To Make Meaningful Connections

Networking is more than just memorizing names and handing out business cards, and in this webinar, you’ll learn exactly how to expand your network and your influence. Join keynote...
Oct 10, 2014

The Inside Scoop: Working with a Recruiter to Find Your Ideal Job

What exactly does a recruiter do? Should you use a recruiter as part of your job search strategy? How do you pick the right recruiter? Join Daphne DuRocher Norvell,...
Jan 24, 2014