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Preferences, Qualifications, and Opportunities

Job candidates often have definite ideas about what they are seeking in their next role: a specific salary range or geographic location, part-time or remote work, or a better work/life balance. Clear preferences help candidates find the best fit; however, there’s a fine balance between preferences, qualifications, and available opportunities. Envisioning each of these areas […]

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Summer Career Refresh

Summer is here! As you refresh your spirit with a well-deserved vacation, it’s also the perfect time to refresh your career. Whether you are considering a new job, graduate school and/or professional development, or simply starting the next fiscal year on a high note, you can proactively take stock of your goals and progress to […]

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Resume Guidelines

Goal: Clearly Demonstrate Your Ability To Solve The Employer’s Problems “This Is Just What We’re Looking For!”



Today’s resume is very different from the resume you used just a few years ago. We’ve gathered resources and tips from trusted sources to help you write a resume that effectively conveys your skills and strengths, and optimizes your materials for applicant tracking systems (ATSs). General tips & advice 3 Resume summary examples that’ll make […]


Cover Letters

Cover letters provide context and bring the strengths and skills listed in your resume to life. Learn to write a cover letter that is compelling and shows you have the right skills for the job. How to write a cover letter: The all-time best tips I’ve read more than 300 cover letters, and this is […]


Assessment Resources

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) The MBTI® is the most widely used personality assessment instrument in the world, with a proven record based on over 70 years of research and development. It gives you access to your psychological type, or how you process information. From a career standpoint, it provides insight into your own strengths, areas […]


Career Advising

Alumni Career Engagement (ACE) offers individual career advising to Contributing Members by appointment. We address career topics ranging from updating your resume to honing your online presence, negotiating a raise, and planning for retirement. Our services center around coaching: we empower you with the tools you need to take charge of your career process. Appointments […]


Decide if Graduate School is Right for You

Deciding to apply to graduate or professional school is one of the most important career decisions you can make. There are many factors to consider, and it is critical that you research your options carefully and be organized and well-prepared through the application process.


Rising Professionals

You are working your way up and going for that promotion. Or maybe you’re considering grad/business/law school. Or maybe you’re looking for a change in role or industry. Here are some resources to help you get there, whatever your path! Make an Appointment with Alumni Career Engagement Need help figuring out your next move? Schedule […]


UVA Alumni Networking Resources

Alumni Professional Networks Alumni Professional Networks: Industry Networks that allow alumni to expand their networks and advance their careers by connecting with other alumni in an area of interest. Clubs & Organizations Alumni Interest Groups:  UVA Alumni Interest Groups (AIGs) are micro-communities of alumni that share a common bond to each other as part of […]


General Networking Resources and Tips

If you have additional degrees from other schools, see if those organizations have alumni databases, and join their LinkedIn Groups. Search for community and regional in-person events to attend, as well as online groups focused on your occupation or interests. There are thousands of opportunities for networking – we list a few here to get […]