About the Alumni Association

The UVA Alumni Association is committed to serving our alumni while protecting the health and safety of our visitors and our staff. Please read our COVID-19 updates here.

The Alumni Association keeps its members and friends involved in the University’s present. No matter how far away (either in time or location) alumni have traveled from Charlottesville, their views on the governance of today’s University are represented.

The Alumni Association assists and encourages connections between alumni and students by hosting joint discussions on the Honor System, cosponsoring alumni-student job fairs, administering the UVA Fund, sending Alumni Association members, friends and family the quarterly Virginia Magazine, and overseeing other important initiatives and activities. Through active involvement with the Association while still on Grounds, students are cultivated to assume the mantle of “University caretaker” when they become alumni. In partnership with the University of Virginia, and through its own mission and goals, the Alumni Association plays an active role in the institution’s future as well.

Our Mission

Why we exist

To build the strongest bond among alumni and between alumni and the University of Virginia while representing the independent voice and perspectives of alumni.

Our Vision

What we want to be by 2023

Build the strongest bond among alumni and between alumni and the University by…

Becoming the center for engaging and connecting alumni to the University and the global UVA community

Serving as an indispensable conduit to keep our alumni informed and provide alumni with vehicles to share their voice

Being an invaluable partner to the University

…powered by an agile and collaborative team.


Formed on July 4, 1838, the Alumni Association of the University of Virginia was the sixth such group organized in the United States. A charter was granted to the Society of the Alumni of the University of Virginia, as it was then known, in 1873. The name was changed by legislative action to “General Alumni Association of the University of Virginia” in 1903, and then amended to its current name in 1922.

The association was originally housed in Pavilion VII on the Lawn of the Academical Village. In 1936 it moved to its current location, the Kappa Phi House on Emmet Street.