Funding Criteria and Details

General Requirements

  • Any undergraduate or graduate student member of a University-affiliated organization is eligible to apply, so long as the project/event to be funded is targeted to students.
  • Funding will not be granted for the use of: honoraria/speaker fees, travel/lodging, alcohol, or prizes and awards (e.g. gift cards, trophies, etc).

Recognition of the Alumni Association

  • As a reflection of support, all marketing materials for your event are required to include the UVA Alumni Association’s logo, whenever possible. Marketing materials include, but are not limited to, emails, flyers, t-shirts, websites, programs, and/or social media posts.
  • Please follow the Alumni Association’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter/Instagram @uva_alumni), and tag/mention us in posts about your funded event or program.
  • Recognition at the actual event or program can include making an announcement, including our logo on a PowerPoint slide, displaying our banner. (Note: banner pick-up can be coordinated by emailing
  • Failure to follow recognition guidelines could result in your organization’s ability to receive future funding.


  • Once your application has been approved, you can begin making purchases for your event. Your organization will be reimbursed after the event. (See “Proof of Purchases” below for more details).
  • If your organization has a UVA Fund account, we will transfer the money directly to your account. If you do not have a UVA Fund account, a check will be written directly to the organization after all receipts have been submitted.
  • If your organization does not have the funds to pay for items upfront, you can request that the Student Initiative Fund pay your invoices directly. These requests must be emailed to, with the subject line “Early Disbursement: [Your Event Name].”  Requests must be submitted at least two weeks before payment is due.

Post-Event Evaluation

  • The UVA Alumni Association requires each funded group to submit a post-event report within three weeks of your event. (Note: A separate report must be submitted for each event that we fund for your organization).  The report must be emailed to, with the subject line “Post-Event Evaluation: [Your Event Name].”
  • The report should include:
    • An overall description of the event
    • An approximation of students in attendance
    • Any issues or areas for improvement that were identified
    • How the Alumni Association was included in marketing materials
    • Photos of the event (including planning/set-up, if possible!)
    • Proof of purchases (see next point)

Proof of Purchases

  • In order to receive your reimbursement, all receipts must be submitted within three weeks of your event, along with your Post-Event Evaluation report. We cannot guarantee reimbursement for any receipts turned in after the three-week deadline.
  • Receipts and invoices must be scanned and compiled into one PDF file.
    • All receipts must show the following, clearly: date, vendor, items purchased, total cost.
    • Screen shots from bank accounts or credit card statements will not be accepted.
  • Please include a budget sheet, along with your receipts file.
  • Reimbursements will only be given for expenses with purposes that were stated in your original funding application.