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Funding Criteria and Details

General Requirements

  • Any student member of a University-affiliated organization is eligible to apply, so long as the project/event to be funded is targeted to UVA undergraduate students. Applications from graduate students will be considered if the program/event is open and marketed to undergraduate students as well.
  • Funding will not be granted for the use of: honoraria/speaker fees, travel/lodging, transportation/gas, alcohol, or prizes and awards (e.g. gift cards, trophies, etc). We generally do not grant funding for t-shirts unless they are pertinent to the integrity of the event or program.
  • Funding is granted to events and activities that are open to all students (i.e. not for internal events such as CIO bonding events, initiations, meetings, etc).
  • Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for other funding parameters and guidelines.

Recognition of the Alumni Association

As a reflection of support, all marketing materials for your event are required to include the Student Engagement Fund logo, whenever possible. Marketing materials include, but are not limited to, emails, flyers, t-shirts, websites, programs, and/or social media posts. A variety of logo options will be sent to you in an email once your funding request is approved.  Please note that the logo images cannot be altered in any way including size ratio, coloring, cropping, or covering.  The only exception is changing an image to black and white for situations where the entire marketing graphic or print-out will be in black and white. Alternatively, if logos are not appropriate for a particular marketing piece, you may instead include the following text: Sponsored by the UVA Alumni Association’s Student Engagement Fund.

Recognition at the actual event or program can include making an announcement, including our logo on a PowerPoint slide, and/or displaying our banner. We have two banners available for student groups and you can coordinate a pick-up by emailing Please follow the Alumni Association’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @uva_alumni), and tag/mention us in posts about your funded event or program. Failure to follow recognition guidelines could result in your organization’s ability to receive future funding.


Once your application has been approved, you can begin making purchases for your event. The Post-Event Documentation form will allow you to select your option for reimbursement:

  • UVA Fund Account Transfer – If your organization has a UVA Fund account, we will transfer the money directly to that account after all receipts have been received. (You can visit the Fund’s website to open a new account for your organization).
  • Direct Deposit – A payment can be sent to your organization’s outside bank account, or an individual member’s account, via direct deposit. More instructions are available once you complete the Post-Event Documentation form.

You can expect to receive your reimbursement within 14 days of submitting the Post-Event Documentation form.  If your organization does not have the funds to pay for items upfront, you can request that the Student Engagement Fund pay your invoice(s) directly or transfer funding to your organization’s account. (Note: We cannot disburse funds early to an individual, only to an organization’s account). These requests must be emailed to, with the subject line “Early Disbursement: [Your Organization Name]” at least two weeks before the funds are needed.

Post-Event Documentation

The UVA Alumni Association requires each funded organization to submit a post-event report within three weeks of your event, including:

  • A description of the event
  • Number of attendees
  • Any issues or areas for improvement encountered
  • Documentation of how the Student Engagement Fund was recognized
  • Photos from the event (optional)
  • Final budget report
  • Proof of purchases (see below)

Proof of Purchases

In order to receive reimbursement, you must provide proof of purchase in your post-event documentation (i.e. receipts).  Reimbursements will only be given for expenses that were outlined in your original funding application, unless otherwise granted. Please note that:

  • Receipts should be compiled into one PDF file and can include scanned paper copies, screenshots, and copies of invoices. (If uploading invoices, please be sure the balance shows “$0.00” or is stamped with “PAID”).
  • All receipts must clearly show the following: date, vendor, items purchased, total cost.
  • Screenshots from bank accounts or credit card statements will not be accepted.