Class Councils & Trustees

Trustees and Class Council members are charged with identifying and programming events to serve the unique needs of their respective classes.

Alumni Association staff advise and support the First-Year, Second-Year and Third-Year Class Councils and Fourth-Year Trustees in selecting Council members, organizing the class gift, and planning events such as Lighting of the Lawn, Dinner Series, and First Year Formal.

Apply for Class Council or Trustees

Thank you for your interest in applying to be on Class Council or Trustees.  If you have any questions, please email Julia Bartus-Dobson at

Class of 2022
Fourth-Year Trustees

Chloe Lyda
Vice President
Emma Keller

Class of 2023
Third-Year Council

Sophia Liao
Vice President
Lara Arif

Class of 2024
Second-Year Council

Kyle Woodson
Vice President
Karina Reynolds

Class of 2025
First-Year Council

Christopher Joseph
Vice President
James Edwards