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VAAN & First-Gen for Prospective Students

Jasmine Drake, Lindsay Herron, Kaeisha O'Neal

Connect with a VAAN or FGAN Volunteer

The Virginia Alumni Admission Network (VAAN) and First-Generation Alumni Network (FGAN) programs seek to assist students from underrepresented groups by giving them a better understanding of the University of Virginia’s commitment to diversity. If students are interested in connecting with a VAAN or first-generation volunteer, please email to be contacted via email within one week by a UVA alum who will identify themselves as a VAAN or FGAN volunteer. This communication is an informational discussion, not an interview, and is not an official part of the application process.

Admission FAQs

How do I start my application and learn about application deadlines?

Please refer to the Office of Undergraduate Admission’s timetable.

What do you suggest I do during a campus visit?

We highly recommend students attend an Admissions Information Session and take a student-led tour offered by the Office of Undergraduate Admission.  Info Sessions are held virtually and Tours are offered both virtually and in person on weekdays and Saturdays.

When should I come?

You are welcome to visit Grounds anytime. The Office of Undergraduate Admission offers information sessions and tours year-round, excluding major holidays. If you are flexible, however, we would suggest visiting during the academic year when classes are in session. Seeing UVA when the students are here gives you a better sense of the community.

Is there a prospective student event that focuses on diversity?

The Outreach team in the Office of Undergraduate Admission hosts Fall Fling and Fall Blast prospective student events each year to, respectively, highlight Black/African American and Hispanic/Latinx student experiences at UVA.  These one-day events cover admission-related information as well as introduce the countless resources that students use to find their place in the diverse UVA community.

The Hoos First Open House is designed to illuminate the experiences of students at UVA who are the first in their family to attend college. This one-day event for prospective students will also highlight some of the countless resources that students use to find their place in the diverse UVA community.

What if I can’t make it to Grounds? What options do I have?