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Career Event Tag: Procrastination

How To Successfully Manage Career Changes & Transitions

Career transitions occur throughout our lives. We are faced with the need or opportunity to make decisions and changes. The steps for a successful transition are similar whether circumstances absolutely demand or merely hint at the need for a change. How do we handle changing our career or job? In this webinar, Barbara Kessler will […]

Keeping It Together: Nutrition & Healthy Living for Busy People

Do you feel out of control of your health? Do you struggle to make healthy food and lifestyle choices that fit into your hectic schedule? Learn no-nonsense ways to stay healthy in the midst of a chaotic life and take back control of your body without bending over backwards to keep it all together. Topics covered […]

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Overcome Procrastination and Do Something Different…for a Change

Procrastination is the great thief of productivity and entices us to put off doing the very things that would move us toward the change we desire. Clinical psychologist, psychology professor, author, radio host, and speaker Peggy Mitchell Norwood (Curry Programs in Clinical and School Psychology ’91) will explain the three common barriers to change and the ways that procrastination keeps you stuck.

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