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Dr. Derek E. Brown Scholarship Announced

Dr. Chimene L. Brown created a new endowed fund in memory of her husband, Dr. Derek E. Brown.  The scholarship will be made available to third and fourth-year African-American male students, starting in fall, 2018.  The purpose of the fund is to provide a stipend to eligible students pursuing admission to dental or medical school.

Derek’s scholarship is a way for his widow to create a lasting legacy at the University of Virginia, following his untimely death while competing in a race while on vacation in Jamaica.

The Dr. Derek E. Brown Scholarship is a remarkable addition to the Ridley Scholarship Family of Funds and will enhance Ridley’s ability to serve current students at the University of Virginia.

Derek was the owner and president of Winning Smiles Orthodontia, in Bowie, Maryland.  A 1991 graduate of the University of Virginia, Derek was a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., and was a resident assistant.

  1. Fund Purpose. It is understood and agreed that, each year in which the Scholarship is fully funded, the Scholarship shall provide a stipend to a third- or fourth-year African-American student applying for admission to dental school or medical school. If no appropriate student is identified for this stipend, the available funds may be applied to supplement either the Ridley Holland-Blackburn or Gregory Batipps scholarship, subject to the Selection Criteria in paragraph 3 below. Any distribution not expended in a given year may be reinvested in the Fund.
  2. Selection Criteria. The preferred selection will be based on merit and a demonstrated pursuit of admission to medical or dental school. Selection of the scholarship recipient shall be the responsibility of the Ridley Scholarship Committee. The scholarship will be awarded based on the following guidelines:
    1. Eligibility: Third or fourth year African-American male undergraduate students may apply for this Scholarship. In the absence of qualified male applicants, the Scholarship shall be made available to female undergraduate third or fourth year students at the University of Virginia. If these conditions cannot be met, the funds may be used to support either the Holland-Blackburn or Gregory Batipps scholarship, as long as they remain part of the Ridley Scholarship Fund.
    2. Qualifications: Strong academic record, plus a student’ stated goal of pursuing dental or medical school admission. The recipient may change majors, as long as they can show a continued commitment to pursuing dental or medical school admission. The student must demonstrate a grade point average, while at the University of Virginia, that makes them a viable candidate for dental or medical school.