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Ridley Scholarship Fund celebrates 30 years of significance with exciting campaign

The Ridley Scholarship Fund has earned a unique place in American higher education, and is a point of distinction for the University of Virginia Alumni Association, which is home to the scholarship program, and the board that manages it.  Since 1987, when it was founded, Ridley has brought more than 300 students to UVA.  Ridley, though, does not rest on its laurels, but is charging into its 30th year with the most ambitious vision it has ever pursued.

In 2017, the Ridley Scholarship Fund board of directors has set its sights on raising $1.9 million, which would propel the Ridley Scholarship Fund into a new stratosphere.  Currently, 13 students receive merit-based tuition scholarships as Ridley Scholars.  These students deserve, and the Board is committed to making possible, more robust scholarships that are competitive with private university grants, which are unrestricted and often exceedingly lucrative.

In reaching its fundraising goal in 2017, we will take the first step in enhancing Ridley Scholarships to cover all education expenses for our Scholars.  Ridley’s vision is to ensure the University of Virginia is the most desirable university in the nation for the best African-American scholars.  Your support in making this a reality is appreciated.

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