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Category: Job Search

LIVE Career Q&A with Alumni Career Engagement

Ask us anything! Seeking that next great job, getting ready to ask for that promotion, or finishing your grad school application? Director of Alumni Career Engagement Amanda Panarese (Col...
Mar 23, 2018

Take the Lead: 5 Ways to Direct & Control Your Career

From your first job out of college, to the day you decide to hang it up, your career path will include challenges, detours, and unexpected twists and turns. Elation,...
Mar 9, 2018

Beyond Academia: 5 Steps to Your Nonacademic Job Search

Graduate students and postdocs receive a wealth of information and mentorship on securing an academic position. But what about when you decide to pursue professional options in industry, nonprofit,...
Feb 23, 2018

Navigating Organizational Politics

Many of us hear the words ‘organizational politics’ and say “I want nothing to do with that!” However, organizational politics are a reality and can impact everyone in an...
Feb 9, 2018

Job Search Support Resources

National (and Virginia) resources for support in areas related to the job search. Special Needs JAN: Job Accommodation Network: S. Department of Labor: Career One Stop: Virginia: Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS): Free Online Training Virginia Workforce Connection: Alison: Job Loss S. Department of Labor – General: […]


Ready to Quit: 3 Steps to Find a Job You Love

Stuck, drained or beyond fed up by your job and ready to quit (but don’t know what you should do next?). No problem! Join Christie Mims (Col ’00), Founder...
Oct 6, 2017

Work You Love: 3 Secrets to Every Successful Job Search or Career Change

Changing jobs or careers can be a daunting task, to say the least. You must navigate online jobs boards, work with Applicant Tracking Systems, write a resume that stands...
Sep 15, 2017

How to Leverage Social Media to Build Your Personal Brand

What are the key networks you should consider when developing your personal brand? From Twitter to LinkedIn to Instagram, Social Media Executive Chris Smith (Com ’94) focuses on user...
Aug 25, 2017

Resume Guidelines

Goal: Clearly Demonstrate Your Ability To Solve The Employer’s Problems “This Is Just What We’re Looking For!”



Today’s resume is very different from the resume you used just a few years ago. We’ve gathered resources and tips from trusted sources to help you write a resume that effectively conveys your skills and strengths, and optimizes your materials for applicant tracking systems (ATSs). General tips & advice 3 Resume summary examples that’ll make […]


Cover Letters

Cover letters provide context and bring the strengths and skills listed in your resume to life. Learn to write a cover letter that is compelling and shows you have the right skills for the job. How to write a cover letter: The all-time best tips I’ve read more than 300 cover letters, and this is […]