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More than Salary: All About Compensation

Originally Aired
December 12, 2011
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Rod Kelly
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If employment negotiation is in your future, or you’re newly entering the workforce, gather round while compensation expert Rod Kelly explains “total compensation”—salary or wages plus “incentives”—what companies provide to attract and retain quality employees. Those incentives can be as valuable as cold, hard cash, but can be hard to compare and just plain tricky to understand. Insurance, leave, retirement, education benefits, pre-tax options, payroll deductions, deferred compensation, company provided equipment – oh my! Rod explains it all: wages, salaries and incentives –so that you can get the most out of negotiating and benefiting from your total compensation package.

About Rod Kelly

Rod Kelly (Com ’78, CCP, EMBA) has over 25 years of experience in corporate, higher education and public sector compensation strategies and related performance leadership functions. Selected internal and external clients include Computer Sciences Corporation, Sony Manufacturing, Toyota USA, the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Rod held a faculty appointment at the University of Nebraska where he taught Human Resources Management and Business Strategy. Currently, he is a guest lecturer at the McIntire School of Commerce and Director of Compensation Management at University Human Resource Management at the University of Virginia.

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