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Business Chemistry: The Science of Great Business Relationships

Originally Aired
May 30, 2014
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Jason Magill
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Have you ever wondered what makes someone tick? Or what ticks them off? While personal chemistry is often described in poetic and almost mystical terms, there is actually a great deal of hard science that lies beneath it. Working with a team of renowned scientists in the field of neuroscience and genetics, Deloitte created the Business Chemistry model to reveal distinct patterns of personality-linked behavior, and their impacts on business relationships. Jason Magill (Com ’99) provides an overview of four personality types and how they interact in a work setting. Having a comprehensive and fundamental understanding of behavior, preferences, and relationships will allow you to be more effective in your interactions, understand how and where to add value, and help increase your general happiness at work.

About Jason Magill

Jason Magill (Com ’99) is a Senior Manager in Deloitte Consulting’s US Human Capital practice. He has almost 15 years of experience in helping clients lead complex transformation efforts and the organizational adoption of technology. Jason possesses deep expertise in all aspects of strategic change management, communications, learning, IT, and process design. His client experience includes some of the world’s most recognized Fortune 500 companies and encompasses a variety of industries including consumer products, financial services, entertainment, and retail. He is known for being a results-focused leader who brings exceptional insight, professional presence, and a team-oriented approach to drive the realization of strategic goals. Jason also helps lead Deloitte’s US Project Portfolio Management (PPM) practice.

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