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The Inside Scoop: Careers in Data Science

Originally Aired
June 12, 2015
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Jamie Conklin
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Data Science is one of the most worthwhile and exciting career paths available today. We are experiencing an exponential increase in data collection, and companies are searching far and wide for qualified employees to transform their data into actionable information. Data Scientists apply software engineering, statistical modeling, and subject-matter expertise to answer the most significant questions posed by healthcare, military, corporate, and non-profit organizations. The scarcity and importance of data scientists in the market has driven up salaries, making a career in Data Science not only fulfilling, but also lucrative.

In this webinar, Jamie Conklin (Engr ’03) will offer you a brief description of the field of data science, the types of jobs available to you as a data scientist, the education you need, and the steps you can take to transition into this field. As a seasoned hiring manager, Jamie will conclude the presentation with a few tips on interviewing for a data science position.

About Jamie Conklin

Jamie Conklin graduated from UVA’s Department of Systems and Information Engineering with a B.S. and M.S. in 2003. From there he went to work for the Aerospace Corporation as a Systems Engineer. In 2006, he returned to UVA to be a Research Scientist in the Systems Engineering Department’s Predictive Technology Lab. There he developed threat prediction models, designed crime analysis tools, and conducted research in predictive analysis. As the Director of Operations, for CCRi, a Charlottesville based data science firm, Jamie currently manages a portfolio of over a dozen analytical projects, the bid and proposal program, and human resources. Jamie has interviewed over 200 candidates and hired over 65 people in the last 9 years.

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