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Find Your Passion and Live Your Dream

Originally Aired
December 6, 2013
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Christie Mims
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We all talk about wanting to have a job we love. But that’s easier said than done, right?

Even if you know you want to change, you might wonder:  “What, exactly, should I do next? How do I find it? Where do I even start? How do I know what I’m good at? And—what if I am not particularly good at anything?”

Christie Mims will delve into the key skills you need to identify your skills and talents, and find your passion. You will learn:

  • 5 Key questions to ask yourself to truly figure out what your passion is
  • One five-minute secret for creating your next job description
  • How to uncover your greatest talents
  • A tool to help you decide when it’s right to move on and what company or career is going to be the right fit for you

About Christie Mims

Christie Mims is the founder of the Revolutionary Club, the destination for people who are unwilling to settle for anything less than career happiness.  If you want simple ways to find passion and create more fun in your career, find resources for Friday Forum participants on her website.  You can also find Christie on facebook and twitter.

Christie received her BA from the University of Virginia in 2000.  She also holds an MA from the University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies, and is a certified mediator and certified professional coach. She speaks at events all over the country.

Christie has paved her own path, from bartender in London to analyst at NATO, from Principal Consultant to Director of the National Security Business Unit at a Fortune 500 company in Washington DC. Christie found her passion in coaching, which lets her apply everything she loves (working with people, making dreams come true, having fun) with a feeling of excitement and energy. She loves getting out of bed in the morning, connecting with clients, and helping people find a job (and career!) that they love! Christie’s previous Friday Forum was Fire Your Job and Live Your Dream! in December 2012.

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