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Fire Your Job and Live Your Dream!

Originally Aired
December 14, 2012
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Christie Mims
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You are sitting at your desk, frustrated, annoyed, and wishing that you were doing something, ANYTHING different with your career.  But despite that, you stay stuck – worried, anxious and afraid to make a change.  Every time you think about making a job move, old fears and doubts resurface…

“How can I pay the rent?”

“My family needs my salary!”

“I know what I want, but there’s no time to even breathe, much less change jobs!”

Imagine if there were a system that could help you easily step beyond your fears and doubts and into your future…

Join certified expert professional career coach Christie Mims (Col ’00) in this interactive webinar as she explains her five step program that you can follow to let go of those fears and fire your job- so that you can finally have the career you have been dreaming about!

About Christie Mims

Christie Mims has paved her own path, from bartender in London to analyst at NATO, from Principal Consultant to Director of the National Security Business Unit at a Fortune 500 company in Washington DC. And those are only the jobs she is allowed to tell you about! So you can trust her when she says: “I have absolutely been there, seen that, and worn those uncomfortable shoes.”

Christie found her passion in coaching, which lets her apply everything she loves (working with people, making dreams come true, having fun) with a feeling of excitement and energy. She loves getting out of bed in the morning, connecting with clients, and helping people find a job (and career!) that they love!

Christie received her BA from the University of Virginia in 2000.  She also holds an MA from the University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies, and is a certified mediator and certified professional coach. She speaks at events all over the country, and you can find her as a regular career expert on WTOP.  Learn more about Christie at; you can find her on facebook at

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